Some Serious Pampering at Argan Day Spa…

I am always up for trying new, exciting things, so when Argan Day Spa contacted me to try their services, of course I happily obliged.

I headed there not knowing what to expect, however I was super excited to know that one of the services booked for me was: A Moroccan bath!! I am Moroccan and I obviously know a thing or two about Moroccan baths, so I had very high expectation. However, my concerns were soothed knowing that the owner herself was Moroccan. I arrived to the Spa around 1pm, headed straight to their steam room, guided by a lovely Thai lady, with a gorgeous smile.

Basically a Moroccan Hammam (bath) is a bathroom with steam, where you can bathe, and scrub the hell out of your dead skin, using a glove that feels a bit like sandpaper. After applying the famous Moroccan natural soap, and leaving it for few minutes. You can then later resume your normal showering habits as usual (Soap, shampoo, conditioner …etc).

Once I got to the steam room, I immediately felt like I was back in time to when I was 5 or 6 years old, when I used to go with my mom every week to the “Hammam”. The lady applied the Moroccan soap so gently and I could smell the beautiful and natural smell of that fabulous soap. She then left the room and said that she will come back in 10 minutes, leaving me to relax with the steam to open up my pores. Once she was back, with her black glove, she got right into it. If you have never had a Moroccan Bath, you might be shocked and degusted with whatever is coming out of your body, but there is something absolutely satisfying about it: All the dead skin is gone forever, and you will feel so light and clean like you never had before. The tricky part is to know how much pressure you should apply when rubbing, you don’t want to be too soft, then nothing will come out, and at the same time you don’t want to be too harsh and hurt the skin. The lady who was taking care of me was so perfect that I had to ask her where did she learn all that from. To my surprise, she said that the Owner herself -Miss Fatima Hanine-, has personally trained her, along with the other ladies in the spa! Now that’s a fantastic sense of commitment!

She then washed my hair gently and applied a body mask that is very popular in Morocco, which consists of natural clay and rose water. It smells divine and feels like silk over the body.

Basically you just lay on a table and there is a wonderful lady who takes you on a full journey to Morocco to experience the real deal! She will blow your senses away! and believe me once done you will be addicted to this sort of natural, traditional yet luxurious and dazzling experience.

I then was taken to the massage room, where “Masha” was so warm and helpful- Please remember this name because I can’t recommend her enough!!- After I told her that my calves were very painful, (from all the standing, running, walking I do all day, everyday!), she said she will focus on them. She applied some pressure for few minutes, a little strong but she promised that this will help with the stiff muscles at the back of my legs. Once done I could already feel how light my calves were, and the pain was totally gone! It was such a blessing to finally walk without feeling that the muscles in my legs were going to explode!

After she finished she brought warm towels and washed away all the oil from the massage on my body. How amazing is that! I always hate to have to put back on my clothes, to an oily body, but this time I didn’t have to, there was no trace of oil, just a bunch of happy rejuvenated muscles! She also washed her hands before dealing with my super clean hair.. BONUS!!

I then headed to the salon, to blow dry my hair. Michele was so gentle and super quick, she finished my hair in less than 20 minutes, and it looked great. The Mani-Pedi station is next to the hair area, for now, but starting next month though the whole hair station will be moved to a new extension of the salon- that is currently ready and just being decorated- to fit the high demands of the salon. Also the owner –Miss Fatima- explained that because her main aim is to offer the clients the fabulous experience they deserve when they come to her Salon, she wants the treatment rooms to be as far away from the hair station as possible, so that there is absolutely no trace of disturbance in the air, hence the new extension of the salon was created.

There is also a whole section for men, that includes Mani-Pedi stations, Treatment rooms (massages and facials), and a hair section. Couples can book adjacent rooms that can be opened during the treatment so that they both enjoy the experience together.

For women into fashion, you can also find a wide range of stylish, colorful and very beautiful Moroccan dresses (Kaftans), designed by Miss Fatima herself and made specially in Morocco for her clients.

My experience was exactly what I have hoped for, exactly what every woman deserves. The service is fabulous, the owner herself takes care of the salon, so she makes sure everything is up to standard, which I admire greatly.

The Spa has been open since the beginning of 2013, at the lagoon-Amwaj, (Gate 7&8, First Floor).

For appointments you can call them: 16030888

Follow them: @argandayspa




A Chunk Of Goodness: with Chanelmama

Question: What makes a mama happy?

Answer: A MASSAGE!!!


No kidding! What a massage can do to a mama is pure magic, it’s unreal! Picture this with me : One whole hour, with no “Mama, I want this”, “Mama I need that”, “Mama, Do this for me”, “Mama, Get that for me “! An hour of tackling all those sore muscles from all the standing up we do! A full hour of relaxation and wellbeing.


Few days ago, every inch in my body was yearning for a deep tissue massage! I could hear the muscles in my legs screaming and threatening to go on a strike! So I did what every responsible human being would do and I booked for a full hour of goodness, aka A MASSAGE!


Long time ago, I came across an Instagram account, of a place called “Mommy Wellness Day Spa”. I must confess the name was very intriguing, because first HELLO!!! I am a mom, then my wellness is ALWAYS very important to me; So I promised myself to go and discover how much wellness was this place ready to offer me. Fast forward, a year later (Yes it took me this long!), I finally made that call and was ready to be transported to heaven for one whole hour.


The place is located in Seef district, at the Courtyard Building, surrounded with restaurants, and cafes, so the perfect place to spend a whole afternoon!


With its shabby chic décor, the spa instantly puts you in the right mood for some very well-deserved pampering. The light green in the walls fills you with serenity, and prepares you for the magic that will happen behind the closed doors.

Oh! and did I mention that they have a small area for kids? So you can actually bring your little one with you, and someone will take care of them while you are having a fabulous time.



Before we started our session, the masseuse (for the life of me I can’t remember her name), put some oils under my nose and asked me to breath 3 times, she did this multiple times during the session and I must confess: I loved it! There is something about smelling essential oils that is just comforting! She then started the massage, from my arms, which is very unusual, they always start with the legs, but I have to say that she targeted areas that I never even knew they existed, with different twists and different angles, and it was just AMAZING!!!! Usually whenever I get a massage, and the masseuse reaches for my shoulders, I always wince from the pain, but GUESS WHAT!! Not this time! I believe the new angles were super beneficial to tackle those knots gently, and effectively. Then she moved to my legs, and did the same thing!  It was amazing! She massaged every single inch of my body so differently yet with the very best results!


I felt that I have hit the jackpot when she went to massage my head, aaaaaaaaaand – wait for it…..- She washed her hands from all those oils before she touched my hair! Can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but every time I went for a massage, I always came out with greasy and oily hair, because while they do a great job massaging the scalp, all the oils from their hands find refuge in MY hair, and I hate it! So this time I was just over the moon when she actually massaged my hair with clean hands! Awesome!!!!


Honestly the price was super reasonable, much cheaper than the other places I have been to, and with much better service ( I mean the massage was just INCREDIBLE!)



The only couple of things that bothered me were:


  • While massaging me the masseuse left me for about minute, she didn’t tell me where she was going or even that she was going, then she came back with cold hands, Aghhhhhhhh!
  • The spa has a hair salon too, and it’s close to the rooms where they do the massages, so it is a bit noisy.


In general, my trip was a total success and I loved every second of my massage! I am definitely going back again very soon!