A Chunk Of Goodness: with Chanelmama

Question: What makes a mama happy?

Answer: A MASSAGE!!!


No kidding! What a massage can do to a mama is pure magic, it’s unreal! Picture this with me : One whole hour, with no “Mama, I want this”, “Mama I need that”, “Mama, Do this for me”, “Mama, Get that for me “! An hour of tackling all those sore muscles from all the standing up we do! A full hour of relaxation and wellbeing.


Few days ago, every inch in my body was yearning for a deep tissue massage! I could hear the muscles in my legs screaming and threatening to go on a strike! So I did what every responsible human being would do and I booked for a full hour of goodness, aka A MASSAGE!


Long time ago, I came across an Instagram account, of a place called “Mommy Wellness Day Spa”. I must confess the name was very intriguing, because first HELLO!!! I am a mom, then my wellness is ALWAYS very important to me; So I promised myself to go and discover how much wellness was this place ready to offer me. Fast forward, a year later (Yes it took me this long!), I finally made that call and was ready to be transported to heaven for one whole hour.


The place is located in Seef district, at the Courtyard Building, surrounded with restaurants, and cafes, so the perfect place to spend a whole afternoon!


With its shabby chic décor, the spa instantly puts you in the right mood for some very well-deserved pampering. The light green in the walls fills you with serenity, and prepares you for the magic that will happen behind the closed doors.

Oh! and did I mention that they have a small area for kids? So you can actually bring your little one with you, and someone will take care of them while you are having a fabulous time.



Before we started our session, the masseuse (for the life of me I can’t remember her name), put some oils under my nose and asked me to breath 3 times, she did this multiple times during the session and I must confess: I loved it! There is something about smelling essential oils that is just comforting! She then started the massage, from my arms, which is very unusual, they always start with the legs, but I have to say that she targeted areas that I never even knew they existed, with different twists and different angles, and it was just AMAZING!!!! Usually whenever I get a massage, and the masseuse reaches for my shoulders, I always wince from the pain, but GUESS WHAT!! Not this time! I believe the new angles were super beneficial to tackle those knots gently, and effectively. Then she moved to my legs, and did the same thing!  It was amazing! She massaged every single inch of my body so differently yet with the very best results!


I felt that I have hit the jackpot when she went to massage my head, aaaaaaaaaand – wait for it…..- She washed her hands from all those oils before she touched my hair! Can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but every time I went for a massage, I always came out with greasy and oily hair, because while they do a great job massaging the scalp, all the oils from their hands find refuge in MY hair, and I hate it! So this time I was just over the moon when she actually massaged my hair with clean hands! Awesome!!!!


Honestly the price was super reasonable, much cheaper than the other places I have been to, and with much better service ( I mean the massage was just INCREDIBLE!)



The only couple of things that bothered me were:


  • While massaging me the masseuse left me for about minute, she didn’t tell me where she was going or even that she was going, then she came back with cold hands, Aghhhhhhhh!
  • The spa has a hair salon too, and it’s close to the rooms where they do the massages, so it is a bit noisy.


In general, my trip was a total success and I loved every second of my massage! I am definitely going back again very soon!



Bahrain Through The Eyes of a Mama! 

I have been meaning to write this post for the last two years but I guess as they say “when the time is right” …!!

So as everyone know I am a mom who lives in Bahrain. Some might not know that I also run the group “Amwaj Mamas”. A group of moms and for moms, where I organize fun, educational, and enjoyable meet-ups for moms and their toddlers. I started it about 3 years ago, shortly after Adam was born, with the help of my amazing friend Maria, whom I love dearly. Through this group, Adam and I have explored this beautiful island we live in, and enjoyed some of the most wonderful places that we didn’t even know they existed before! So today I decided to write a whole post and share the love!

I must add that none of the venues I am talking about today have paid me or asked me for my review, this is simply my experience and I would like to share it.

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Centre: I came across this great place through social media, I have reached out and the owner/manager was incredibly kind and helpful. Since then “Amwaj mamas” have paid this place several visits, and until now we have never been disappointed. It is an activity center, where kids can play and have fun, it also has a great lounge/ café area, for moms to chill and have a great cup of coffee (or a milkshake yuuum!), while the kids are having some great fun. Tel: 17700412
  1. Ready Get set Cook: The first cooking studio in the island and I believe the only one. The staff are so helpful and warm, always welcoming us and our children with a wide smile, which makes us feel at home. The concept is to let the kids experiment and cook easy and delicious goodies. It is located in Sar Mall, Open from 10am-1pm and 3pm-8pm. Tell: 17000260
  1. Salon 5 Amwaj: While I realize this isn’t a place for children, I am absolutely sure every mama deserves some pampering. The staff are absolutely wonderful! I have taken my son with me so many times, and he actually loves it there. You can’t always have the luxury of few hours by yourself when you are a mama, so in this place you can have that, while having your little one with you. Salon Five is located in Amwaj, by Costa coffee.
  1. Messy Tots: A studio where the little ones can unleash their creativity and imagination. Ashley, who runs the studio (aka her house’s backyard), is very attentive and always making sure the kids and their moms are having a great time. You can Text Ashley on 32130715, or have a look at their Facebook page “Messy Tots Bahrain” . The session is 1 hour and it is 5bd.
  1. Pizza Express: This is the ultimate spot for a Friday lunch, where parents can enjoy a wonderful Italian meal and the kids can enjoy the experience of being little chefs. Kids can make their own pizzas, they also get their little juice box and a choice of ice cream or cake at the end. Pizza express is located at the Lagoon- Amwaj, next to Starbucks.
  1. Inspire Bahrain: We have been going to the toddlers’ drum classes for the past few months. Lydia, the instructor, is phenomenal! She always manages to get the kids’ attention (even though we are really talking about toddlers who are all over the place most of the time” Tel: 39047734
  1. Ya Salam (In Budayaa):  I first heard of this restaurant because of the bad reviews it had for their food, then one of the moms suggested to meet there one day with the kids. “The play area is amazing!!!” that was her reply when I told her about the bad reviews, so of course, off we went. There is a very cool play area and moms/dads can actually sit and enjoy their meals RIGHT THERE, while the kids played. It was absolutely amazing! The first time we stayed about 5 hours because Adam was having so much fun, and of course the moms were enjoying their time too, because for the first time they were having conversations that didn’t have to end abruptly because of the kids. The food was surprisingly delicious, I always have the Falafel sandwich and it’s the best I have ever had.
  1. Birds Kingdom: I am a huge fan of this place! First of all because it is in Amwaj, so very close by, and we can pass by anytime. The play area is fantastic, Adam loves it, and the managers are so kind and attentive, they are also parents so they really tend to the needs of the moms, dads, and kids. It is located in Amwaj by Al Osra supermarket.
  1. Jones The Grocer: A fabulous place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with your little ones. The staff are absolutely amazing, so nice to the kids, and will make sure to make your dinning experience great! They have a “mommy and me Monday” where they have special offers, they will also give you a 10% discount if you mention that you are a member of “Amwaj Mamas”.
  1. CHAOSS: Adam and I really love this place! We both enjoy it so much. They hold Gymnastics classes for toddlers, every Tuesday and Thursday, from 10-11:30am, and it’s 3bd. Tell:17592096
  1. Sports Training Complex: We first went for the football classes they were offering for toddlers, but then realized that they have tons of other classes even for moms. Tell: 77060777
  1. Magy French Tutor: A French class offered by Magy, a French teacher with years and years of experience. The first time I went with Adam, she told me that Adam will have to go in by himself and that parents are welcome to stay in the waiting area; after hearing this I was a little anxious as Adam has NEVER left my side, but I wanted to give it a try. She approached Adam gently yet with confidence, introduced herself and asked him to join her, which he happily did and I was left outside in awe lol. I really like the way she teaches, she respects the kids’ wishes, and doesn’t force them to do anything. Adam loves it too. For info you can Whatsapp:33330676
  1. Peekaboo Kids: Since I gave birth I was always in the lookout for stores with quality items for kids: Clothing, swaddles, toys…etc. Then I met the wonderful Georgia, the woman behind Peekaboo Kids, an amazing mother who totally understands the needs of moms and kids. They are located in Saar mall, and if you mention that you are a member of “Amwaj Mamas” you get 15% off your purchase.

I will be making another post like this one very soon because…. well let’s face it, the amount of the awesome places with the incredibly warm and welcoming staff, can’t just fit in one post.