Words About 2017

What did your 2017 look like?

Mine was nothing like the years that have passed, this one was a little too salty, a bit soupy, and a tad too fudgy. It was the year I witnessed two tiny little hearts stop beating, I said goodbye to some friendships that have lasted years and years, but have reached an absolute dead end. I have had multiple punches in the gut that have left me crouching for a bit too long. I have answered the phone many times to be hit with terrible news. I have watched loved ones leave knowing that they will never return.

It has been a very very long marathon, that has left me breathless and without an ounce of energy, and I won’t lie, I am very happy the year is finally coming to an end!  Yet and without sounding too philosophical, throughout the year, I have had a beautiful home that I am blessed with and so very thankful for, I have always come back home to a wonderfully supporting husband, who in the midst of hurricanes have held my hands, not to tell me that it will be ok- because he knows way too well that this sentence over here makes me go nuts!! (No one knows that it will be ok, for all I know it can even go worse!)- but to tell me that we will work things out, we will figure out a way, like we always do! and that more than anything brings life back to my dying little heart! I have believed in myself and went back to the work field, on my own terms and with my own schedule as work will always come second in the list of my priorities -first comes my little ray of sunshine: my son- and this has brought so much joy and pride to my heart. I have harbored some new friendships, that have proved themselves to be loyal, and trustworthy. I have had the sunlight of my days and the smile that brightens my life always by my side, my beautiful son with the old soul, the one who fills my life with laughter, wonder and magic! I have also met some wonderful people who have inspired me greatly. Sometimes going through rough times makes you realize how blessed you are, and I feel 2017 was just that. It was God’s sign to me, to enlighten me and to show me the right way, to let me know that I needed his guidance, power and love and I have humbly accepted all the above.

There were many happy moments in 2017 that I will cherish forever. There were many other moments where love and empathy have filled the air around me making me feel so light and without a care in the world. More than I can count, and because of life’s weird way of showing us how vulnerable we all are, I was rewarded by connecting deeply with my loved ones, with friends, and with complete strangers too.

2017 has been too thick that it has left me not knowing what to expect from 2018. Yes, I am and I will always be hopeful and full of trust toward the one God, who has blessed me with countless gifts, some of which I have asked for and others that I didn’t even know I needed until they arrived. I know very well how life is all about different seasons and changing cycles, and that nothing stays the same, but with this year coming to an end, I simply am just too grateful that the year is over to have any expectations whatsoever for the next one!

Whatever 2018 will bring, I pray and pray and pray some more, to bring some wisdom with it, along with some new memories that can make the hardest times seem easier.

I wish you (and me) a wonderful year ahead, one where your heart will taste the absolute joys of life, and where your soul will brighten your being each and every time life decides to show you its ugly face, but mainly I wish that every night when you put your head on a pillow, you feel peaceful and whole, always, and forever.



Hello 2016…….!  I love numbers and specifically even numbers! So 2016 looks like a perfect even number, and an exciting year that I can’t wait to emerge from, happier, healthier, and wiser! 

I don’t believe in making resolutions at the end of every year to welcome the new one, because I think it is just an excuse to be lazy and take one whole year to achieve goals that only take few weeks to be checked ✔️. Also once you know that you have a whole year to reach wherever you want, you lay back and wait until tomorrow, next week or even next month. So instead of making resolutions, I choose a word that should define my coming year. Last year it was “Balance”. It was all about finding balance as a family of three where we grow together yet still have the freedom to thrive individually. And I can say balance has wrapped every moment of my 2015, and was my main aim every single day.

For 2016, I didn’t take long to choose my word, It was somehow waiting for 2015 to come to an end to gracefully make a grand entrance. This year I am focusing on “Love” Loving myself, my beautiful family, my loved ones, my friends, and everyone around me. Even if a situation requires me to be firm or not sweet at all, I will still do it with love. Gently and lovingly setting boundaries and saying No when it is needed. So mainly everything I am going to do this new year will be with love and coming from a place of love! 

This year also will mark a huge transition in my life, I am gladly leaving the twenties’ territory, and stepping into the novelty of an exciting decade! I will turn 30 this coming April, and boy am I excited!! My 20s were amazing. Wild, adventurous, beautiful, full of surprises! In my 20s I met my best friend and the love of my life, I got married to him, I gave birth to our son, My heart expended about 100 times loving them both! My 20s were a time of self-discovery, and if that is indeed the case then I hope that my 30s will be a time to enjoy all the “stuff” I figured out. So yes my 20s were outstanding and I have to thank god for that! 

I know many people who make a huge deal out of this shift into a new decade. They fear that it might be the end of their youth. You would hear them commiserating over “30” saying it in whispered tones! Sweating at the thought of it, and probably extending their 29th year of life as long as they can (3or 4 more years or as long as they can get away with it lol) 

Once a friend asked me what were my goals before I hit the BIG “3 0”, and I have to admit I had NONE! The terrified look in her face made me think of how people expect everyone to do something with their lives before they reach 30. It is seen as a distinct marker between being young and free and learning how to be successful and between getting older, richer, and all what matches the fantasies and dreams you built in your 20s. While I don’t contradict that, I must say that it is hard trying to measure up when you have created an imaginary ruler in your mind. Then it becomes easy to start the whole “dreading birthdays” thing. While if you think about it, is there a more joyous occasion than marking the passing of a year, noting all of its lessons, trials, and triumphs, and gearing up for a new one?! 

Turning 30 to me is absolutely exciting! It is starting a new chapter in my life with all the knowledge and wisdom I acquired in the last decade (or at least I hope I did)! It is me knowing exactly who I am, what I want out of life and where I stand in this big wide world. 

To me entering this new decade is not even about accomplishments and achievements, it is more about simplifying life. About the ups and downs that it will bring and how I will manage them. How to grow even more as a person as an adult, and accept who I am! About not looking at anyone else when I fail or succeed, about not wasting time trying to please everyone, or figuring out why people act the way they do. This is my only chance of ever being in my thirties, and I am sure as hell I am not going to waste it. 

So to wrap it up, I would urge you to bring out the party hats, the noise makers, put up the streamers and blow up balloons!! I am a soon to be 30 years old young woman!