Do You Love God ?


Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or Buddhist, the only question that really matters is: “Do you love YOUR God?”, this must sound silly because the answer seems to be obvious, but look deeper and tell me. when you love, there is no doubt in your mind or heart, you are in an absolute state of euphoria. Because when we love completely and entirely, we let go of our fears, we have a sense that the whole universe is in our side, and most importantly we become the center of that universe. We don’t care who did what, said what, trusted in what, believed in what… everything else fails to exist! So here is my question again, DO YOU LOVE GOD?


Can you imagine if everyone loved their God, real love, pure love, the love worthy of God, would we ever look at other people and judge them for loving their own God? even if it wasn’t the same as ours! Would we ever blame someone, criticize and judge them because of who they love so deeply and profoundly?


Loving God is the most important thing in any religion, this is what keeps us from sinning and guides us to the right path. This love illuminates our minds and hearts and makes us always want to be better versions of ourselves, to please the one God we adore.


Because love is the enemy of fear and doubt, it makes us strong and powerful, and because we are strong and powerful, the need to be like everyone else evaporates. We no longer feel the need to belong somewhere, we no longer look at people and want them to be a carbon copy of us, we no longer insist that MY God is the God and that yours isn’t, we no longer think that we are going to heaven and someone else is going to hell because they don’t share the same beliefs as us. When you love God you wouldn’t care if your neighbours prayed with their hands up or down, you wouldn’t care if they wore a scarf or not, you wouldn’t care if they walked naked or fully covered, because your heart is sure of what you believe in, because your heart and mind are devoted to God, because they both are at peace, because you have nothing to prove to anyone, because all you have in your heart is pure, virtuous, and righteous love towards your God.


God trusted us with the most precious gift of all-LIFE- so how come human beings wouldn’t trust each other? God believed in me, He trusted me and loved me, so how come a fellow human being would judge me because of my religion!!!!


So ….Do we all Love Our God?




Dear Christmass: I Love You….  Ps: I Am A Muslim…

Now my fellow Muslims, don’t you jump on my throat just yet, and sentence me to death! I will first need you to take a deep breath, remove those dark glasses of extremism and fanaticism, take a big sip of this tolerance drink I am offering you, and just listen to what I have to say!

Whether Christmas is the actual birthday of the Christ or not, whether it is a pagan holiday occurring in winter or not, I am going to spare you the agony of stating boring historical facts that can be easily found by only typing : “What is Christmas” in google. 

All I can say is that: I don’t care what it is! What I care about is the beauty and the joy of this festive season! It makes me happy when I pass by my neighbours’ house and see their Christmas tree all lit, standing in glory by their door step! It makes me happy when I go to Starbucks and get a new cup filled with new flavours strictly bound to this season and this season only! It makes me happy when I see my friends’ kids busy crafting holiday cards for their loved ones! Actually it makes me a tad jealous and a bit sad….! Because it seems like we -Muslims- don’t know how to celebrate as beautifully as the Christians do! And when I say “Celebrate” I definitely don’t mean cooking and baking 1000 dishes on Eid day or handing small money to the little kids- I am sure they love it but that’s not my point. But rather spread love and joy throughout the whole month! The waiting and the excitement over that beautiful tree, symbolising life and Christ- the core of their holiday. Creating family traditions that include every single member of the family! Giving small gifts as a gesture of love and appreciation to the loved ones! And a lot more! They take their celebration to a whole new level, that unfortunately surpasses us! 

Christmas is full to the brim with love, laughter, presents, beauty and joy spontaneously spread all over the month of December ! And I love it !

What I love even more, are the memories and family traditions created over that magical month in each household! Children baking cookies for Santa, while wearing cute Christmas pyjamas, and watching Christmas movies! Those same kids will grow up with a box full of wonderful memories, that they will pass it on to their own kids and so on! 

So herby I confess that I will be copying every tradition of Christmas and adequately adjusting it to our Muslim holidays. I want the beauty, the joy, the magic to wrap our Ramadans, Eids, Prophet’s birth and New Year! I will make sure my son gets beautiful memories linked to each holiday we have! I am a proud Muslim and want my son to be proud of his Arabic Muslim heritage and not look at other people’s festivities, and wonder why don’t we have that! I want him to know that while we love and embrace other people’s culture and traditions, we have our own that we will try to embellish and sprinkle magic all over it as beautifully as christians do!! 

So yes …. Dear Christmas I Love You… !!


A Thing Or Two About My Religion…


Last night, I could hardly sleep, I couldn’t bring my mind to shut down, as it was racing hundred miles per hour, thinking of what has recently happened in Kuwait, Tunisia and France! (See details here) I couldn’t determine the feelings I had, but mainly a mixture of disgust, fear, sadness and lots of anger! And all this cruelty was in the name of religion! A religion that stats its greeting as : “Assalam Alaykum”: A wish for the other to be blessed with peace! A religion where you arent a Muslim, unless you love for your neighbour what you love for yourself! A religion where God instructs us to show mercy to those on earth, so that he has mercy on us! A religion where God orders justice and good conduct! Yet in the name of this peaceful religion, horrifying act are happening! 

When I once heard that unlike what we might all think, religion is not the cause of wars, I couldn’t help but gasp in total disbelieve! And now more than ever, I feel like screaming my lungs out, that this CAN NOT be true! Look around you and see what’s happening and what had happened in the world! The civil war in Ireland, the civil war in Sudan, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the crusades, the Lebanese civil war, the french war of religions… And the list goes on! People die because they were born into Roman Orthodox families, Sunnis, Shiite, jewish or even atheist families! It breaks my heart that my son, will live in a world where people kill each other because of what they believe in (or don’t believe in)! Thinking of all this, made me want to teach my son to never tell anyone what his religion is (or his parents)! To never talk with other people about what they believe in, to never mention faith! To be a silent believer! Alas I can’t! This is not how I want to raise my son! I need him to be proud of his choices! I want him to learn that he is free to believe whatever he wants! I never want to limit him to what I (or the rest of the world) think is right! 

I was born in a very conservative Muslim family, yet when at the age of ten, I wanted to cover my head –Hijab– my mother was absolutely against it! She told me that I was still a kid, and that I needed to be fully mature, to be able to make such a big decision! And when my brother, came one summer, with the news that he wants to marry a Christian woman, my parents tried to advise him but when they saw that he has made up his mind, they opened their arms wide to receive their new Christian daughter-in-law! This is how I grew up! Muslim yes, but free! Free to be myself! Growing up, we had neighbours who were jewish, but to us they were neighbours, period! They would wish us a Ramadan Kareem and we would congratulate them on their kids’s Bar Mitzvah! How I wish I could go back in time, and raise my son in that loving and peaceful environment, where everyone gets to be free to be Muslim, Christian, Jew, or even Atheist! I am proud to be Muslim, but this is a very private relationship between my God and I! Where I allow no one to come close! And everyone should be given the privilege to do so! Why would/ should anyone care if I am Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Atheist? What does it add or do to anyone else? I believe in doing the right thing and being kind, and I believe there is always a reason for things to happen and that’s more than enough! I pray from the bottom of my heart, for this violence to cease and stability to be restored, so that my kids, your kids, and all the kids in the world, can live in peace and harmony! Please join me in this prayer!! 


Ramadan Kareem!


Today is the seventh day of Ramadan, the Holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed. It is a month when all Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset. Yes, no food no water until we hear the Adhan of Al Maghrib prayer (The call for the evening prayer, which is right at sunset). Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, so you can imagine how big of a deal it is. For me, Ramadan would mean fasting a little more than 15hours, in this weakening  heat, with a toddler running around the house, demanding to have his daily routine undisturbed, and needs to be kept entertained at all times and of course safe and whole. This is not my first time fasting with Adam, last year he was 5months old, he wasn’t walking or even crawling yet, he wasn’t eating solids or talking! This year the fasting experience took a completely new meaning -since Adam is now 15 months- and it is not a joke people! This is torture! Imagine you wake up in the morning, still very sleepy but can’t have that cup of coffee, then you feel your energy level dropping down while your little rascal is just getting started! These were some of my thoughts this morning, they kept on floating in my mind until I STOPPED myself, disgusted by my own thoughts, and I redirected my thinking to the million other people who do this every day -not just a month every year- Who don’t do it by choice! I sure know that at 6:32pm, I will have a table full of treats and good stuff waiting for me to dig in, but they don’t, of course they wish they could, but here is the thing: THEY CAN’T! Here I am, complaining about how tired, hungry, thirsty I am (because I am fasting), while millions of other people, have to go through this every day of their lives! Ramadan is sure the holiest arabic month, and the month when the Quoran was revealed, but most importantly, it is the month where everyone is supposed to feel for others, to know what it is to be starving or thirsty yet can’t do a thing about it! Since I became a mother, my perspective of life completely changed, I became not only Adam’s mom, but somehow, the mother of all children in this world! No one chooses their parents or their children, so yes God gave me Adam, but any of those unfortunate kids could have been mine, and the thought of having one of my kids feel what i have been feeling every day since Ramadan started, kills me, it breaks my heart, it tears me up! No kid should ever starve! So at exactly 6:32pm, when i would take a date and say a prayer -because God said that anybody who fasts and says a prayer while breaking his fast, his prayer shall be answered- So yeah I say a prayer, I pray that every kid in this world have something in their plate. Something to fill their tiny stomachs! Something to keep them from feeling what I felt today and every day of Ramadan!

So Ramadan is more about challenging yourself in being good, being better, because you have no excuse, Satan has been locked up, and it is just you, the good you, versus the bad you! From the minute you wake up, you have to work on yourself: be kind, be generous, be humble, be honest, be nice, be right… etc! No gossip, no cheating, no laziness and a whole list of NOs! Because remember, you will not be able to blame it on Satan, if you cannot do it, then you are the only sinner!

Ramadan is also about family, my memories of Ramadan as a kid, consist of family gatherings and friends visits; a thing that I miss so much, miles away from home! I remember going with my parents to visit relatives that we haven’t seen in a long time, because it is Ramadan! I remember my dad taking out the phone book, and call all his brothers, sisters, cousins and even distant relatives, because it is Ramadan. I remember my mom making sweets and taking them to her sister, because it is Ramadan!

It is amazing what this month can bring to us, how can it make us a better us, even if it is just once a year! Because it is far better being good at least once a year than never be! So Thank You Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem.