If You’re Happy And You Know It….Well Good For You! 


– Friend: Are you happy? 

– Me: Do you mean right now? 

– Friend : No in general

– Me: Like a percentage? 

– Friend: No, like are you a happy person? 

– Me: What do you mean by happy? 

– Friend: Like would you define yourself as a happy person? 

– Me: What is a happy person? One who jokes all the time? One who smiles all the time? One who is content? One who acts happy? 

– Friend: I don’t know! OMG! Can you stop being so philosophical!!!! Agghh  

This was a conversation between me and a friend of mine, over some ice cream and fruits. Before of course she decided she needed a break from my much philosophical brain and went back home lol! But that wasn’t the end of it, this conversation got me to think, really what’s happiness? Is it a moment? A bunch of them? A percentage of how many of them you have in your life? How many times you smile everyday? How many times you laugh everyday? What is it really? Aren’t we all in a quest for happiness? A grand pursuit of happiness manages our daily lives! We do what we can to be happy, to stay happy! Aren’t we all focused on making ourselves happy? Something about this puts me off! 

What…? You think I am a creep? Maybe, who knows. But y nature, I don’t like to label things. So being happy to me is a fake concept! Before you frown, and leave this page, let me explain to you: Happiness, by definition excludes the sad, bad, difficult…etc. So when I look back to my life, and look at the tough times, the sad and difficult moments I lived in my 29years of life; my heart aches, but not from sadness! Absolutely not! With a big a smile I high-five myself! And I almost feel happy that I went trough each one of those moments! Those times shaped me, thanks to them I am who I am today! I am definitely aware that dark days exists! They should exist! Grey days too! And we shouldn’t try to make them disappear by posting only happy pictures on Instagram and Facebook! (Don’t get me wrong I love posting happy pictures but that shouldn’t be the norm!). Or by refusing to talk about them. We mostly gloss over them then we try to get back to “Happy”. 

Don’t we all say: “We grow through pain” yet as soon as we experience the pain we quickly try to “Move on” to “Cheer up”. Call me morbid, but pain is the only way we can appreciate happiness and happy moments! A great example is giving birth! Giving birth is the most painful experience any woman would ever experience, yet what comes after all those screams, tears, and pain is the happiest moment in your whole life! 

I would rather prefer to define myself as WHOLE! I embrace my difficult times as well as I do with the happy ones, and I cherish them both! I look at the big picture, even beyond: “You can’t get sunshine without rain” kind of thing! It all contributes to the greater person we can become; the set-backs the challenges, the tears, the pain, the failures, all being part of that wholeness! 

Happiness doesn’t teach you much, whereas those bad days do! They give you precious life lessons, that you will forever appreciate!  

So yes I am not happy all the time, but I am whole! It took me so much time to stop this crazy hunt for happiness. It took me so much efforts to reach where I am now. To be able to equally embrace the sad and the happy. To be proud of my failures and my set backs, and wear them as a badge on my chest! Because they made me who I am today! 

Do you feel you can relate to this? What do you have to say about happiness?! 


Happy Reading: July! 


I have made it a goal to read every night before bed. I always feel better ending my day with a book in my hands, instead of my phone or iPad, so I’ve got myself a stack of books (both virtual and paper) next to my bed. I also usually carry my Kindle around wherever I go, just in case I get some free time to do some extra reading!  And below I will share with you my last month’s list of books. I have to admit that I have enjoyed them all, and each one of them added a little something to my life! So without further ado (can I have a drumroll please?!) here is my list:
1-The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would notice that I have recently read one of Gretchen’s other books, and I really loved it, therefore, I decided to read another book of hers. As the title states, it is a project done by Gretchen, in one year she wanted to tackle all the areas that she thought would make her happier. This is not a “Self-help” book, as much as it is a journal, where she kept track of her journey into being a happier person, what she did and did not, what she liked and what she didn’t and of course the final result! And just as her previous book, this one gave me plenty of ideas and mainly pushed me to start my own “Happiness Project”! A Must Read!! 
2-How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Farber and Elaine Mazlish: I know, the title is a little ….hmmm, how should I say that? Let’s just say a little strange lol, however, the content of the book is highly engaging, with examples of each situation you might encounter as a parent and how to deal with it and make the most of it. Even though my son is only 16months, and the book talks mainly about older kids, it still helped me build a foundation of how I want to raise, educate and TALK to my son! If you are a parent then it is definitely THE book!! 
3- Blood Feud:The Clintons vs. The Obamas by Edward Klein: Do you remember few months ago, when I talked about Hliary Clinton’s new book: Hard Choices? Right then, I really hopped that she would become the next president of the United State Of America! Not only because she was a female, but also because she saw things differently! She was the woman in the “pantsuit”! I admired how she wanted to be Hilary the woman, and not always Bill’s wife! I admired that she wanted to tackle Asia as a priority, when she was a secretary of state; and how she came out publicly about Benghazi, Putin, China and many more highly sensitive subjects! However after reading this book last month -If what came in it is 100% true of course, because you can never be sure when it comes to politics- then I am very confused! This book shows a completely different side of Hilary and most definitely, not the one she was displaying in her book! It also brought tons of facts about president Obama that I am sure many of us didn’t know of! Nevertheless, I must say I really enjoyed reading this book, and if I could vote, I would still vote for Hilary! 
4- The Husband’s Secrete by Liane Moriarty: A perfect book for the summer! Cecilia thinks she knows her husband inside out, yet she is surprised to discover a dusty sealed envelope with : ” For my wife -to be- opened only in the event of my death” written on it! What a dilemma…! I really enjoyed this book! 
Happy Reading!