Happy Reading: Hello March!



It is hard to believe that we already finished the first trimester of this year, and starting the second one soon.  And even though spring is officially in the premises, in this part of the world, the weather is absolutely refusing to cooperate, and I must admit that I am loving it! I love rainy, grey mornings. I love the cold weather and the windy evenings. It is the perfect weather to lose yourself in a good book. And talking about good books, here is the list of books I read this month and what I think of them.


  1. Snow Flower and The Secrete Fan by Lisa See: Wow!! This is all I have to say! If you haven’t read this book, then what are you waiting for?! It is a novel about the life of a Chinese woman. I felt a strong connection between me and Lily; the constant battle between the heart and mind, the right and wrong. When the book was over I almost cried, and for the next few days I felt the need to pick up my kindle and just reread few pages of the book to make me go back to that wonderful story. The book came in just the right time. A time when I am focusing on the women in my life and how inspiring they all are, this book came to show me in an even bigger scale, what women are capable of. And even though this is just a novel, but I felt the striking reality and similarity in every woman’s life. The power, the wisdom, the selflessness, the willpower, the kindness, but also the selfishness, the fear, the loneliness and all the unwanted feelings.


  1. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion: “You sit down for dinner, and life as you know it ends”. About death, illness, marriage, and life! This book is raw, and full of intense emotions. A grieving woman sharing such personal experience yet universal, almost everyone goes through it. She records her thoughts, feelings and experience in the year following her husband’s death. The book is also filled with quotes, and paragraphs from other books which is always a plus for me!


  1. Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins: You will have to have an open mind if you want to read this book. It is about how to determine the truth or falsehood of about anything you come across, in a pretty unusal way. Dr.Hawkins uses theoretical concepts from particle physics, nonlinear dynamics, and chaos theory to support his study of human behavior. I love delving into the unexplainable and the unseen, I also like to always keep an open mind when reading books like this one, however, this book missed something, I felt it wasn’t complete. It still is a very interesting read nonetheless.


  1. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine: For those interested in nutrition, health, and natural healing, this book is for you! An ancient book and one of the most important classics of Taoism. Revealing the natural laws of this holistic universe, this book offers practical advises on how to lead a healthy and happy life, while connecting with nature.