Live Quietly Or Be A Thunderstorm

If you want to live your life quietly and privately then that’s great and noble, but I would like to live mine with my shadow in front of me. I want to rebel and push boundaries. I want to rise and fall and be able to appreciate both, the rise and the fall. I want to shout and make my voice heard. I want to fly and reinvent myself each and every day. I want to make my own choices and be responsible for the consequences. I want to be fearless yet allow fear to be my best friend. How about you? Do you want to lead a noble life or do you belong to the world of thunderstorms too?


Who defines whether you are successful or not? If your answer is anything but: “myself”, then you might want to take a step back and rethink your answer. If the answer is so or so, then you are making a choice to fall, because no one can know you better than you do! Thousands and thousands of people would gladly scrutinize and criticize every single step you take and mark it as a failure, or as a “not good enough”, but does it matter? If you know that even when you fail you are adding value to your life, you are enriching it and making it worth living, then you are a winner no matter what!


When you look down at yourself or your skills, you are then giving a free pass to everyone on this planet to do the same exact thing. When you think that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough…etc., you are welcoming disappointments and heartaches, with open arms. You are making a pact with the devil to take away the joy and sparks from your life. What you will be overlooking is the fact that you never promised anyone that you’ll be perfect. You never told the universe that you’ll be a great mother, wife, sister, daughter, employee, …etc. We put so much pressure on ourselves that we get lost in the middle of the game, we become our worst enemies. We forget that the most important virtue of all is self-forgiveness. Instead of constantly reminding ourselves of how we suck, maybe we can spread positive vibes coming from a place of kind, encouraging and motherly love. Every time we open our mouths to say something negative, maybe we can say a prayer of love instead.


I heard somewhere someone saying: “Take 10 seconds a day to think of someone you know, or even someone you don’t know -it could be anyone, the cashier at the supermarket, the old woman crossing the road next to you, the young man sitting next to you at the café…etc. Think of them and wish them happiness, truly and genuinely wish them to be happy” Try it … Now! Close your eyes, think of someone, ANYONE, and wish them all the happiness in the world…. Yes, that’s what I am talking about… You are smiling already! Can you do it twice, three, four times a day? I tried it and it transformed my days!  How about if you wish YOURSELF happiness? Do it few times a day and see the outcome, you might be surprised.


The world is a scary place, and it might seem almost impossible to uncover the strange jewels that are hidden within each one of us, yet it is our duty to do so!  Whether we want to live quietly and privately or we want to take the biggest bite we could of this delicious life, loudly and cheerfully, we still need to be our own BBFs, we need to learn how to love ourselves no matter how bad we think we are.  Hard to transfer this from a blog post to reality, yes I know, but every day is a chance to work on it, to try, to do the best we can, and that’s all that matters.



When I Dare To Say….


So yesterday was Valentines day, and along came a hideous wave of videos, messages, pictures, and comments on the social media in the arab world. It all came as a great warning to all the “brothers and sisters” to not celebrate, to not give your loved ones flowers and tell them that you love them because ,god forbid, what a great sin this will be. To not take your wife (or girlfriend or sister or mother or anyone from the opposite sex for that matter) out for dinner, because then you will lose all your privileges as a good Muslim! Ooh and even wishing a “Happy Valentine’s day” to anyone you know is a an immoral act against divine laws! I would have to pause right here and take three deep breaths before I say what I have to say! And just a friendly warning, some people might not like it or even agree with it, but that’s absolutely fine! 

The people who advocate for the “No Valentine’s day” policy, are the same ones who also think it is not allowed to celebrate new year’s eve, birthdays, christmas..etc. I must say that I don’t know where do they stand from mother’s and father’s day though! I will have to check that out! (LoL) But yeah mainly we are not supposed to celebrate ANYTHING! Stay in your house and tune into Aljazeera, or BBC and watch people dying everyday and everywhere! Do you capture how miserable, sad, depressing and very upsetting life will be if we do what we are told to do by these sinister people?  

If we are not supposed to celebrate any of these joyful events, what can we celebrate then? How do we enjoy the special days in our life? How do we get to build memories? How do we make ourselves HAPPY! For God’s sake who cares what people meant with this holiday, 14 thousand years ago? I don’t give a sh€$t! When my beloved husband gifts me with absolutely gorgeous flowers, takes me out on a date, and just makes that specific day a very special one, that warms my heart and makes it burst from pure joy, how is that ever gonna be a sin? If it is on the 14th of February or the 58th of June (if there was such date) who cares?! The prophet PBUH clearly said: “رفقا بالقوارير” that would be in english: “Be gentle with the ladies”, the absolute definition of the Valentine’s day! He is telling you to take your wife out on a date, give her flowers and make her heart happy! Be it the 14th, the 15th, or any other freaking day! So why the big fuss?! 

Honestly I don’t care what their argument is; I believe we are all adults, all in control of our lives. We all know what is right and what’s wrong. When we sin we pay for our sins, and when we do good deeds we get the credit, we do, not anyone else!!!  Yes sure we need guidance and we ask for it. However the guidance is for the complicated matters, the ones that keep us on from sleeping at night, the ones that make our hearts and brains in great conflict, not whether we should celebrate the valentine’s day or not! 

I dream of a world of unlimited simplicity. Where people mind their own business and learn how to be kind to one another! Where they will celebrate each and every day, thankful for yet another day in this weirdly delicious life!

 May this dream of mine, come true …one day…! 

Happy Valentine’s day!!