How to Teach Your Kid to Read in 3 Steps.

Your kid is of reading age, and he isn’t very confident when it comes to reading? Are you not satisfied with your child’s reading skills? Are you waiting for a magical solution? Wait no more, grab a cup of tea and keep reading. 

The simple three steps to transform your child into a reading wizard are as follows:

1- Take a deep breath

2- Read to your child all the time.

3- And stop wanting to teach them how to read.

Yes, you got that right! Do not try to teach your child how to read, as simple as that. Before you frown, close the page, swear to never fall for a “how-to” article again, just give me a chance to explain.

First of all, let me reassure you and tell you that you are not alone; many other kids seem to hate reading and turn their nose up the idea of holding a book and struggling to decipher letter after letter, word after word. The experience can be agonizing to those who have difficulties connecting to the text they are reading. The worst you can do is push them too far because that will only make them resentful towards reading and will increase their already existing anxiety, which researchers have linked to developing depression or other mental health conditions in the future.

The pressure surrounding this subject is steadily growing and is becoming parents’ worst nightmare. The more parents push their children to hold a book, sit and read, the more kids push back and resist because they either can’t read yet or because it is simply not fun for them. 

Kids nowadays aren’t kids anymore; the amount of pressure and stress we put on them is immense, they are expected to excel at school, eat healthily, behave all the time, do better than the neighbor’s kid next door, and the list is long. We are robbing our kids of the one thing they can never get back! Their childhood! There will never be another time when they can be free and without a care in the world, yet we burden them with our expectations. 

Kids learn new skills at a different pace, from walking to talking and so on. Each milestone has to happen when the child is ready for it, and even though as parents, we only want the best for our kids and we are always cheering for them and trying to introduce them to new challenges and help them learn new skills that will help them in their future, sometimes it is difficult to draw the line between healthy pressure and when you should take a step back and let the child learn through the experience he is having.  

 Kids can learn this vital skill by listening to their parents, teachers, or caregivers read for them. It is crucial to expose kids to books from a very young age, even if they aren’t of reading age yet; that’s how we prepare them to embrace the reading culture and encourage them to read in the future. 

There is no magical solution here; just sit and read for your child as much as you can and let them be kids while they can. 

Ouiam El Hassani

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