Less Is More… (This is why I stopped buying clothes- part 2)

Living minimally and in a simple non extravagant way is not something that the world was recently introduced to. Generations before us did it, not by choice, but out of necessity. My own parents and grandparents, and even myself as a kid, we lead a similar simple life and I remember it vividly, yet I have no recollection of how we all transitioned into this fancy, lazy, harmful new way. Every new thing/machine/device that has been invented to help humanity comes with some kind of harm: Microwaves, Phones, Ipads, Internet…etc.

Decades, if not a century later, history is repeating itself, except this time, it is by choice, and not out of necessity. People are more conscious about their lifestyles, and aware of the harm done to our planet and how by small decisions all of us can help whatever is left.

There is a huge wave of thinkers, researchers, environment lovers, who finally have been speaking out and using the social media as an outlet to increase awareness about the many ways we are harming our beloved planet, in ways we don’t even know of.

The more I knew about the whole thing the more I wanted in, and in this post I will share with you my way of doing it, which is basically thinking back about the life I have had as a kid and try to imitate it now. I am not a Guru in this matter, I am just a novice who started her journey, and I would like nothing more than sharing this journey with you.

Growing up I didn’t really need/own lots of clothes, I had what I needed and what fit into my closet. As a kid I spent all my money on books, and clothes came last of course- Yes I was a nerd lol- So now before buying anything new I think back to that era of my life, and how I focused on what was more important to me, and I try to do the same. Of course that is no walk in the park, with all the sales, pretty things in the shops, colorful and eye catching items almost calling your name, However, I always try to do the following:

1- Sleep on it: If you feel like you really want to buy something, sleep on it for a couple of days. Almost always you will realize that you don’t really need it, and if you still feel like it, then go ahead but at least you have tried.

2- Avoid malls. There is really NOTHING for me in the mall! I only go IF and ONLY IF I needed something.

3- Borrow, or buy second hand. For example, this Halloween Adam wanted to be a Superman, I asked my friends to check who has a superman costume, at home collecting dust, so I can buy it from them. One of my friends had one, she offered to lend it to us, and we happily took it! It was perfect, and we didn’t spend a penny on it!

4- Let go of the idea of: “I need to buy expensive things in order to fit in”. To me that is the most absurd idea ever! My clothes say nothing about who I am, and if someone thinks otherwise then probably they will never be in my circle anyways.

5- Go for experiences: My husband and I decided that we will condense Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, and whatever other holiday there is, and just save up and TRAVEL! We love exploring the world together along with our wonderful little boy- who may I say, loves traveling even more than we do lol!

6- We are very blessed to have family who help us tremendously. Adam is only four and obviously is growing bigger and bigger each day, so his clothes get smaller. We never buy him any clothes though, because once a year, his Grandmother buys few outfits for him and that’s more than enough. He owns few shorts, couple of jeans, few T-shirts, and a jacket. Two drawers worth of clothes. Just what he needs. then we give them to a friend who is a year younger than Adam, so it worked perfectly.

Some people might think that I am depriving myself and my family from life’s finest joys, to those I say for us the true joy is to be healthy and happy together, enjoying life’s experiences and challenges together. Giving back to our planet, community and the people we love the most. Preparing earth for the generations to come, and not destroy it instead. The less we own the happier we are.  Things will always be things, being attached to them doesn’t make any sense, instead we appreciate the people around us, our family, our close friends, and our planet.

With Love , Ouiam

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