What’s Your Nighttime Routine…?

Thanks to social media I have come across unlimited useful things, whether be it in the parenting field, or the beauty and fashion one, and of course hands down to the food and recipes world (Thank goodness for Pinterest!). Recently I have been seeing everywhere fashionistas sharing their “nighttime beauty routines”, and each and every time I see those videos, I am blown away with the amount of time one needs to wash their face, apply the 3 different creams, the 2 serums, the masks and I don’t know what else!! I always have ONE question in my head: How the hell do they have time (or energy) for this?!

Anything that exceeds putting on my pajamas is unlikely to happen at any given night! Because between making breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, kissing boubous, homeschooling my only child, stalking people on Instagram (because hello! Who doesn’t!), looking presentable for when we go out (because we all know, the one time I won’t, I will probably meet all my friends, ex colleagues, acquaintance, and every single person I might have met somewhere in the past 12 years!), making small talk with the cashier, the security guy and random people, pretending to be all kinds of cartoon characters (because my child thinks I am also 4), calling my mother every single day (because after losing my father, my mind always goes to the darkest places, ALWAYS), going to the gym (because Yeah I wanna be fit and look good too), answering my child’s 345268974830 daily questions……. Well between all these things I HAVE NO TIME OR ENERGY FOR A NIGHTTIME ANYTHING! By the time my kid is asleep, I am probably seeing double, a bit dizzy and definitely so out of breath! I always need a superhuman force to take me from the couch where I collapse right after I put him to sleep, and get me to my bed! So it really amazes me that other women have the time, the energy and the patience to to have a nighttime beauty routine, every single night! And some of these women HAVE CHILDREN too!

Please don’t get me wrong, if you are one of these superwomen, who go the extra mile and take super good care of themselves, then good for you, here I am clapping and cheering for you, but please do share your secrete with us helpless, super tired and absolutely unaware of this world of nighttime stuff , mamas,  who barely make it past 7:30pm, and some of us even skip the “putting on my pajamas” part because their crazy tired bodies are just incapable of anything other than passing out hoping and praying for a little more than 5 hours of sleep! Just to wake up again with panda eyes, wild hair, a new pimple sending greetings, and a little hope to have an interrupted trip to the bathroom!

So yeah .. Cheers to nighttime beauty routines…while I excuse myself now that I still have one eye half open, so I can rock MY nighttime routine and put on my PJs 😉


3 thoughts on “What’s Your Nighttime Routine…?

  1. liqaa1979 says:

    I just had to comment on this, only because I always thought of you as one of that superhero powerful over the top amazingly organized and goal oriented women who have the time for everything in this world.

    Eash time I read a new post, I ask my self how can she do all that? The mom things, the homeschooling, the cooking, the blogging, the reading and the entertainments!

    Being a mom of 2 young kids, a full-time medical student and a housekeeper there is time for nothing in this world.

    And because I am one of those crazy overachieving women, I added two master degrees to my full-time medical degree (Yes I had to restudy medicine here in the USA because I cant practice with my Arabic certification). So I decided to add a master degree in Acupuncture and Chinese herebs (cause why not ? its China legacy after all) and a second master degree in the public health field.

    Then here I am reading about the night time routine, which makes me smile and rethink my overall daily routine.

    This also makes me think of you differently, Think of you as a rational human being who has limited energy and that energy sometimes last until you put that PJ on and collapse in your bed.

    My point is, we will always wonder how the other person is doing it till we realize that everyone got just enough power to manage their package in life and as long as we don’t see the details of that package we will always ask ourselves how?

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    • “we will always wonder how the other person is doing it till we realize that everyone got just enough power to manage their package in life and as long as we don’t see the details of that package we will always ask ourselves how?” —> this!


    • I just love this Liqaa 💕💕💕 Thank you for your wonderful words! You are absolutely right! I am far away from being what you think hahaha, I just try to use my time wisely and honestly my skin /face right now is not a priority lol I rather get an extra 15 mins of sleep than anything else!
      I also wanted to show friends and new moms that even though I seem to be doing a lot, there is a lot more that I need/want to do but I can’t because unfortunately the day is only 24hours lol. We all struggle in our little messes but we all are amazing and we all find a way!

      I always thought of you as a strong brave and overachiever young woman! It makes me so proud to have known you!!


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