This is How I Plan for Ramadan

It is the season of long days, and even longer nights. Hours spent in the kitchen preparing all kinds of food that might cross your mind. Hours spent trying to strengthen our relationship with our creator. If life is hectic during normal days, during Ramadan it becomes frantic, a total whirlwind of craziness, multitasking and tiny fights between you and your very hungry, and angry stomach.

Without a doubt, Ramadan is the busiest month EVER! And to keep my sanity, I need to keep things planned and well organized. If you know me you would probably know that in general I am a very well organized person, I make daily, weekly, and monthly plans, I have 2 agendas, and a big calendar on my fridge to keep things under control. So when Ramadan approaches, I roll up my sleeves, and take out all my lists, plans, sheets, agendas …etc .

A friend of mine recently asked me how do I plan everything, and I thought it could be a great post, so I decided to share my way of planning. I start days/weeks before Ramadan. I first tackle the kitchen. I prepare all what can be prepared before hand, and stored in the freezer. Anything… you name it! But mainly all kinds of Samboussas, which we love and eat daily during Ramadan. All kind of fillings: Tuna & black olives, Chicken & béchamel sauce, Chicken & noodles, Meat, Vegetables, Vegetarian taco filling, Spinach & cheese…..etc. Needless to say that we bake them, of course, we fry nothing!

I then go to meal planning! For all 30 days! I have no time to waste eating my head up thinking : Chicken or meat? And what’s for me?-since I am the only vegetarian in the house- Nothing fancy! Just an excel sheet with 30 columns. I do a little search online (Thank God for Pinterest) and voila! It takes about 2-3 hours, but then I am free for the next 30 days!

I also plan Adam’s lessons for the whole 30 days to come! This way I don’t struggle with the planning process during Ramadan. I keep a notebook in my handbag (close by), where I write down anything Adam asks me during our very busy days, then when I get a chance I look at them and plan our lessons. I also use a very simple weekly excel sheet, where I write down the lessons. I used to follow our Montessori program (the same way: using the Excel sheet), but recently we have enjoyed the notebook method much more, so we are sticking with it.

I then go on to plan our weekly activities. Our days go on the same pace from before Ramadan. Adam still needs to go on with his activities, so we plan different things for our afternoons. We aim to be back home by 5pm, this way I still have time to prepare for Iftar. You’ve guessed it right lol, also using an Excel sheet! I also use the big monthly calendar on my fridge, to write down every single appointment, class, work meeting, deadline, activity, playdate…etc.

I also have a daily note book, where I write down all the things I need to get done the next day (everyday). I write down every single task, no matter how silly it might sound, but with no food or water, I tend to forget things. I keep that notebook with me wherever I go, I cross off whatever gets done, the rest gets promoted to the next page/day and so on 😉

Our weekly shopping is also done through a list, but it is much easier because all I have to do is have a look at our meal plans for the week to come, -the one I already prepared for all the 30 days of Ramadan-and then see what we need and don’t have.

I know this might sound crazy to some, but for me this is what keeps me going. I hate to think of Ramadan as the month that will slow me down, it is the absolute opposite! It is a wonderful month that only comes once a year, a time when you assess and evaluate your life, and your achievements as a human being. It is the time when you are supposed to pave the way for yourself to become the best version of yourself for the next 11 months to come just to do it all over again! So I am not going to waste any precious time or lounge around all day long waiting for the day/ month to finish!

Let me know know if this was helpful 😉


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