Couscous and a Whole Lot of Treasures!!

Oh La La…!! I don’t even know where to start! But if you are a foodie, like me, then stick around, I promise you’ll like what’s to come!

Friends! For the last 12 years I have been looking desperately for a Moroccan restaurant that can cook food that would remind me of my home and my mama’s kitchen, just to be disappointed each and every time, with food that even though is presented in a Moroccan  Tajine -The Moroccan pot with its cover- feels nothing like the food I grew up eating and loving.

Last week an old friend of mine invited me to her place, for a homemade Couscous –A very famous Moroccan dish- made by her sister, and of course I happily obliged. The couscous was made from scratch, made from wheat (and not semolina, so much healthier), it had all the vegetables that I could think of and looked splendid! She also cooked the meat separately because she knew that I am vegetarian! So very thoughtful! The couscous was full of flavors, cooked perfectly, and the vegetables were succulent!! To my surprise, the sister was a Chef! She cooks from home and can deliver all over Bahrain, or you can just pick up your food from her house! How did I not know that!!!


The Chef’s name is Mona, she is from Marrakech, and has been cooking for over 20 years! She makes all kinds of food that your heart desires, with very reasonable prices and the best quality!

For whoever is familiar with the Moroccan cuisine, Mona can make exquisite Bastillas, Tajine, Zaalouk, Briwat, Moroccan sweets.…and all the other delicious Moroccan food. She can also make delightful international dishes. She can prepare a whole buffet in case you have a big lunch/dinner, and believe me, you won’t regret it.

You can have a look at her Instagram page: @lallamoulatikitchen

And if you would like to order anything, you can reach her at:



Make sure you mention Chanelmama and get a nice discount 😉



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