A World With No “Men’s International Day”…!


A couple of days ago was the Women’s International Day, when the whole nation celebrates women, something well deserved and definitely worth it. Women are the beautiful faces of this earth with tender hearts, yet strong enough to endure the many miseries they encounter in their lifetime.


I couldn’t be prouder of being a woman. I look at my mother and all the women in my life with admiration and respect for all the wonderful things they did and keep doing. One day is absolutely not enough to honor and celebrate them, but at least, and for once the whole world is united in doing one thing: Honouring Women!


This year though something felt different. The whole day I kept on thinking about the absence of “Men’s day” and how that might impact the world decades from now. What happened? And please spare me the following: “Everyday is Men’s day”, because that is not true! I know your blood is probably boiling already, but please just bare with me.


I grew up with my dad telling me everyday that I could accomplish anything I wanted, that I could rule the world if I wanted to, and how I was better than 100 men all together. I grew up empowered by my family and all my environment because they all thought that girls needed the extra attention, that kick and push, so they can realise that they are as strong as the boys. They believed in me and in the other girls around me, they believed that we could do anything we wanted. They emphasized that we are capable of doing anything because they knew the generations before have worked hard to instill just the opposite in people’s minds. They were changing the norms so they needed to work even harder. They did it… They raised ambitious, strong, free women, and I am proud to be one of them! I can’t help myself though but think of men in this equation. Is there anyone now to tell them that they are strong, ambitious, smart …etc???  Is there a day to love and appreciate all the great things they do? They don’t need that you say? Well one day long time ago someone decided that women did not need that and look what has happened! hundreds of years of oppression, abuse, and  many many women who lived voiceless! Don’t judge me…. but I have a SON, and it worries me how this world will treat men, in 10-20-30 years from now? We were given the extra push because they knew we will need it, but now the men are kind of left out, do you know what I mean? No one even thinks that we need to empower them too, and that is the problem, I think!


Don’t get me wrong, myself, I am a feminist, and I love, admire and cherish all women in this planet, and I think they need all the empowerment, love, and respect because they deserve it, but I am also a mother to a kind, thoughtful and loving boy, who will grow up to be a man one day, a man who will respect and admire all women, because it’s my mission to teach him that. But I still worry about him living in a world that has no special day for men.


I might be delusional, but I hope I am not alone in this. I hope there are mothers of boys out there who share the same opinion, who worry about their sons too.





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