The Voice Of God


Yesterday and with the fading sun of that lovely afternoon, God’s love manifested right in front of my eyes. In all its glory, and with more grace and mercy than I could have ever imagined. It wasn’t the right place nor the right time, but hey… how little do we know right?


Have you ever felt lonely even when the room is filled with people? Have you ever heard nothing but the echo of your deep thoughts even if the noise in the room exceeds the norm? That’s how it was yesterday, I was drowning in my own thoughts, worries, doubts, and fear. Although, physically I was right there, among a handful of people in a room that was full of laughter and giggles of young toddlers, but my brain was drifting away…! And right when I thought I could never be heard no matter how loud I speak, the force shut every sound in that busy room and gave place to a prayer to be heard, loud and clear. A prayer I memorized because since yesterday I might have repeated it about 100 times. A prayer that washed off the fear and the doubts. A prayer that resonated with every fiber in my being. A prayer said in a way that only I could decipher. A prayer said by a woman…. Should I say more?


God wanted me to see the power women can have when united, when light and life grow in their wombs, when they carry 2 hearts in their fine and delicate bodies. Women whom their hearts have doubled in size many many times to carry the love they have for their babies. Women who know exactly what motherhood is all about. I was shown what these women can do and how can they so wonderfully bring life back into the hearts that have stopped loving out of fear. I looked them in the eyes and saw their souls… like stories of life, they revealed all I ever needed to know, right there and then. I saw love and compassion in their eyes, I saw what I can never forget, I saw GOD!


A women hugged me and cried with me because she was real and whole and wanted me to be so too. She held my hand and prayed for me. She let go of her own fear and found solace in the greatness of love and forgiveness. I laid my head on her shoulder, heard her breathe, I heard the two beating hearts in her body, and I felt safe and sound. My worries were gone, my wound was healed and my thoughts were clear. I smiled… with tears yes, but those were different tears now. Tears that washed the last bits of doubts and left room for God’s greatness to immerse and to show the world that no matter how strong we think we are; we all need God in our lives.


This post is dedicated to the women who forgot about their own sorrow and decided against all odds to give love, compassion and build a bridge that can never be broken. This is a living proof that God’s greatest creation is Women, and how damn powerful they are when they are brought together in one room. How inspiring, loving, and strong they can be when they need to. I always cherished the women in my life, and I always will. They are shinny little miracles that never cease to amaze!


To the two beautiful women (inside and out) who held my hand yesterday, and became the voice of God.




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