Matters OF The Heart


One of the hardest things in life is to be faced with a situation where you have to make a choice that every ounce of your brain is absolutely sure it is the right thing to do, yet you just can’t bring yourself to do it!


In situations like these, we tend to seek refuge in the arms of friends and loved ones, hoping they will help us take the RIGHT decision. Hoping they will just spit it out, and tell us exactly what to do. Because we just want to sit and watch instead of being the main player. Because we are out of breath and need a break from the agony of the situation, of the unknown and the uncertainty!  But mainly because we want someone else to blame if the whole thing crumbled to the ground. Yet they never do, those friends and loved ones, because again nobody likes to take decisions; instead they work like analyzing machines and lay the pros and cons on the table for you,  as if you didn’t do that about a million times already, letting you drown in the pool of your thoughts, fears, and hopes!



We usually relate the logical stuff to the brain and the emotional things to the heart, and while I have no idea what does science says about that, it does seem that these two are never on the same page, it seems that they are always in a constant conflict. In the perfect world, I would love to live with a heart only, yet I can only imagine the results… that poor heart would be broken as many times as it can take.


It saddens me that I can’t follow my heart most of the time, it breaks my heart that sometimes I have to favor my brain over my heart. Even though at the end  of the day, I am very grateful to have a brain of course, and in so many situations I was ecstatic that I gave my brain a chance to shine over my heart, because it probably has saved me from lots of pain and suffering. Yet that pain and suffering are the crucial tools into growing up, growing wise and enlightened. But what happens when both are right? When your brain and heart both make sense just not in the same direction? What to choose and who to favor? What to do when the pros and cons are equally set? What happens when you are stuck between the darkness of the night and the darkness of your own soul? What to do? I am afraid I don’t have answers! Sometimes I choose to take a nap instead, and let time do exactly what it does best- it flies, and tomorrow comes sooner than you think. But I wouldn’t recommend this method because it is reckless, even to me, and I can tell you, it doesn’t always bring the best of outcomes!



When you think that you have reached the deepest and darkest circles of hell, and you wait patiently to see who is going to win this battle: your heart or your brain. Even though you know deep in your heart and mind, that the brain should win, so you can stand on your feet again and rebuild what have been broken; you still wait patiently for your heart to make a move and miraculously save you and take you up to heaven. You know that your heart will only bring troubles your way yet you follow it no matter what. Why is that?!


I am afraid today I have no answers! Today I am hoping to hear your answers!



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