Hello Summer Reads!




This summer I was so lucky to have some extra time to do what I love doing the most: Reading!! I read so many books, old and new, novels, self-help. I also re-read so many more, because some authentic authors string words together in ways that just amaze me, and I love to be reminded of that every once in a while, some other books make me reflect on life, love, friendship, marriage…etc. And of course I have those books that are like warm blankets in cold wintery nights, they bring you warmth, comfort, and safety! I won’t share all the books though, because then it will be a really really long post lol, but here are some of the books for you to enjoy:


Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes: I loved this book! The spirit, the words, the notions, the style, the ideas… everything is amazing! Shonda is the one behind some of the best TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, this alone made me want to read her book! Then the title is exactly where I am now-I have decided that 2016 will be a year of YES! So I had to read this book! Once I started I couldn’t put the book down. Her style….. What can I say that would do it justice???? It is like a diary free, gluten free, GMO free, natural, yet super tasty ice cream!!! Yes, that’s exactly it, a very delicious yet super healthy little book!


Who we were before by Leah Mercer: A novel, for  those days at the beach! A sad one though WARNING!! The journey of a mother who loses her son. The grief, the emptiness, the pain, and what all this do to a marriage.


Adultery by Paulo Coelho: One of the books that I have read before and marked me deeply. This book has stirred controversy and caused lots of people to stop being fans of Paulo Coelho! I believe I am one of his biggest fans ever! I first read his book “The Alchemist”-The French version, when I was about 12 years old. It really changed the way I looked at the world ever since and my love story with his books started to unfold deliciously. The book had some very negative reviews, due to the very graphic sexual scenes, however I know Coelho’s books are all so deep and so meaningful that even SEX seems so holly and religious! So I decided to read it! (Don’t you dare judging me lol). The book talks about marriage. It talks about the real thing, not what we see on Facebook and Instagram, not those silly pretty little novels that have corrupted our minds and hearts! Not the fairytales that show marriage as an everlasting “Happily ever after”! No, it shows the emptiness that some of us feel while caught up in our crazy lives, it talks about how complicated our feelings are, it talks about love and what it becomes after 10, 20, 30, years of marriage. It also talks about God and the way we worship him through what we do everyday. Sure it does have some scenes that you may or may not like, but if you really understand what the book is about you will see what’s hidden between those scenes.


Mindset by Dr.Carol S. Dweck: This book is about how we perceive challenges in life, how our words have a huge impact on our lives and  the life of those surrounding us. It also talks about things that we think might be a great help while raising children while they actually have the opposite effect. Such as compliments that we all use at least once a day, like: “You are so smart” or “ You are so pretty” or “ You are so unique”… etc, all these sound like great things to say to a child but what do they really mean to that child? A very interesting read!


Me Before You by JoJo Moyes: Another novel (I warned you I had plenty of free time lol). Again another sad one (Sorry I am a sucker for novels that move me and make my heart go on a roller-coaster!). I know it was made as a movie but my rule is to never watch movies based on books, always read the books FIRST! Love and how death can be the beginning of things. About disappointments and how in real life some things are bigger, larger, and more meaningful than love. Sadness with a glimpse of hope and smiles that will make your heart swell.


Blink by Malcom Gladwell: Malcom Gladwell is one of my very favorite authors. This book is about how we think without really thinking, about how we tend to take some decisions without being the ones taking them really. It makes so much sense, and even though the concept might be a little old or has been discussed before, Gladwell has a very unique and special way of giving you tons of information, that will make you think differently.


The Hormone Secret Dr. Tami Meraglia: Every woman should read this book! It talks about how nutrition plays a huge role in how our hormones “behave”. It talks about our hormones and how to balance them in order to have a healthy life.


I  hope you enjoy the books in this list, and I will see you soon..!



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