Do You Love God ?


Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or Buddhist, the only question that really matters is: “Do you love YOUR God?”, this must sound silly because the answer seems to be obvious, but look deeper and tell me. when you love, there is no doubt in your mind or heart, you are in an absolute state of euphoria. Because when we love completely and entirely, we let go of our fears, we have a sense that the whole universe is in our side, and most importantly we become the center of that universe. We don’t care who did what, said what, trusted in what, believed in what… everything else fails to exist! So here is my question again, DO YOU LOVE GOD?


Can you imagine if everyone loved their God, real love, pure love, the love worthy of God, would we ever look at other people and judge them for loving their own God? even if it wasn’t the same as ours! Would we ever blame someone, criticize and judge them because of who they love so deeply and profoundly?


Loving God is the most important thing in any religion, this is what keeps us from sinning and guides us to the right path. This love illuminates our minds and hearts and makes us always want to be better versions of ourselves, to please the one God we adore.


Because love is the enemy of fear and doubt, it makes us strong and powerful, and because we are strong and powerful, the need to be like everyone else evaporates. We no longer feel the need to belong somewhere, we no longer look at people and want them to be a carbon copy of us, we no longer insist that MY God is the God and that yours isn’t, we no longer think that we are going to heaven and someone else is going to hell because they don’t share the same beliefs as us. When you love God you wouldn’t care if your neighbours prayed with their hands up or down, you wouldn’t care if they wore a scarf or not, you wouldn’t care if they walked naked or fully covered, because your heart is sure of what you believe in, because your heart and mind are devoted to God, because they both are at peace, because you have nothing to prove to anyone, because all you have in your heart is pure, virtuous, and righteous love towards your God.


God trusted us with the most precious gift of all-LIFE- so how come human beings wouldn’t trust each other? God believed in me, He trusted me and loved me, so how come a fellow human being would judge me because of my religion!!!!


So ….Do we all Love Our God?




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