How Did We Ever Get Here






Few days ago, I got in touch with a very dear and old friend of mine. Somebody I loved deeply and with whom I built incredibly precious memories. After reminiscing about the past, I asked her if she was happy wherever she is, and her answer was: “Some days I think I am, and some other days I ask myself how did I ever get here!”


Her answer was so real and filled with wisdom that I had to write about it. How did we all get here?! Let’s all go back in time, let’s say 10 years ago, where were you? Who were you? The dreams of then, did they become a reality now? The life you envisaged 10 years ago, is it the one you are living now? The person you were ten years ago, are they even familiar to you at all?


10 years ago, I was twenty…! And I thought I knew exactly who I was. Somehow I feel life was much simpler then, yet very shallow and superficial. The lack of responsibilities is almost a painful memory…! I had a head full of dreams, the biggest one, was to have a child… Apparently! Few months ago, when I went home for a visit and as usual I went to my room to dig in my cupboard for lost memories, I found one of my journals, and in the first page I wrote about how I dreamt of having a little boy, how life would be then, and what kind of mothers I wanted to be. Of course I had no recollection of such thing! No matter how hard I picked my brain, I couldn’t remember anything about what I have once written in that journal. I told myself then that I am actually living my dream, and that I am so very grateful and thankful for that! I am living one of my dreams, it might seem simple and very traditional, but it is still a dream that I am living now. Something that I once spent time thinking so hard about, now has become my reality and I am not even sure it came because I worked so hard for it, it is one of those things that you get as a gift!


Life sometimes seems like puzzle pieces; one phase completes the other. Some synchronized events lead to specific outcomes and you sit there in awe, wondering how did it happen. It feels like someone moved the dices and the weirdest things happened yet if you wait some time, you’ll see that whatever you thought was weird was the only possible and reasonable thing to happen. Do you know what I mean? You see… sometimes we go through things in life, and we think the choice is ours, we decide and we think we are the masters of our own destiny, then life comes to prove us wrong. To show us how weak and vulnerable we are. And some other times we dismiss certain things, and years later we change our minds just to find out that there was a reason that we dismissed these things before, and that now is the only PERFECT time for them. And we ask ourselves how did we ever get here? But does this question mean that we are unhappy, I doubt it. I think it is the time we all need to sit back and reflect. And we all should have these “Eurika” moments where we find that we are actually living a dream. When we sit and ask ourselves: “How did I ever get here”.


Sometimes we meet people and they completely change our lives , and we must wonder then, was that the plan from the beginning? But it seemed like a pure coincidence the way we met? Yes, life is weird like that!


Some other times, we go through very hard times, we cry, we feel our chest tightening and burning, we think we will never make it, we feel that we are alone and beaten. Just to find out days/months/and even years later, that whatever we thought was the worst thing that ever happened to us, was actually the best thing that could ever happen! Yes, Life is weird like that!


Yes, life is weird like that … and we wonder what it still has for us…! Smiles and laughter, tears and disappointments, but what really matters is those moments when we sit and ask ourselves: How did I ever get here!


Would you like to tell me how did you ever get here?



2 thoughts on “How Did We Ever Get Here

  1. Stef says:

    Wow, what a fantastic post!!!! :)) Oh, well, 10 years ago I was a completely, totally, different person, with very blurry dreams of what I would like to become and how I would do that. One thing for sure was that I would have never-ever thought I could travel so much, and to such far-away and exotic destinations. I think at that time I probably did not even known that Bahrain existed 😛 or that I would spend so much time in that little, cosy Country. I love to think that every moment of our life is just as perfect as it is, and that what it is happening now it is just what it is supposed to happen. I also love to think that some events are meant to be, and that if they have to happen, they will happen eventually. So, no more struggles, no more pain: if it is supposed to be good for you, it will show-up, eventually. I also love to be surrounded by evolving human beings, those who like to learn and become the best version of themselves; and I am so sorry for those who cannot do or do not want to see how beautiful that evolution process is. Change is the first law of the Universe, as Shao one time said. I am so grateful to have this place where we can discuss these things, hun. You are on the top of my personal list of life-long learners: a truly, beautiful, evolving soul! :* ❤

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    • Aww You are amazing girl! Thank u hun for the sweetest words❤️ You did so much and still do, you always amaze me ❤️ and you are absolutely right! I couldn’t agree more! Change is a must and it is always good! And as you said if something is meant to happen, it will happen no matter what, once we make peace with this only then we will enjoy the present!

      I can’t wait to see what life has for us, but at the same time I want to enjoy every single minute of the “NOW”!

      I always love hearing from you, you always have very interesting things to point out! Thank you for always sharing your thoughts with me😘😘😘


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