Don’t Let Your Hypo-Thyroid Win!!!




Today I thought I would do something different, I will share with you my daily routine, which is something I don’t usually like to do, because I don’t feel that it is something worth posting and sharing with everyone, and I almost feel ridiculous now writing a whole post about it, but there is a story behind why I am doing it now and I will share it with you. Few days ago, I met a beautiful lady, in her early forties. She was smart, kind and very charming, yet there was something in her eyes that didn’t match with the bubbly person I had in front of me. She looked sad, tired, sleep deprived, but mostly sad. So I gathered my courage and asked her: “So, how are you doing? How are you doing REALLY?”, she then told me her story about the daily struggle with her health. She suffered from a Hypo-Thyroid, and adrenal fatigue –both manifest together most of the time- She felt tired all the time, she woke up more tired than when she went to bed, she couldn’t focus on her work, she couldn’t take care of her kids, and home the way she wanted to. She was stressed all the time. So when I told her that I, too, have a hypo-thyroid, she nearly fell off her chair, not believing what I have just told her, because she thought I couldn’t possibly have a hypo-thyroid and lead the life I led. Because I am always active and busy, no one ever thinks that I actually do have a hypo-thyroid, and that’s exactly why I decided to share my routine today! To tell every woman who reads this post: “YES YOU CAN DO IT TOO!”


I was first diagnosed with a hypo-thyroid when I was about 12 years old, I was put on medication straight away (a low dose, but they still were synthetics that I was putting in my body, luckily I no longer take them!). I was always thin, never struggled with my weight, and never really showed any symptoms, it was a pure coincidence that we found out about it this early.


Suffering from a hypo-thyroid changes your whole life, it is a condition that will suck the life out of you, it will drain you and turn you into a potato couch (which can’t even be an option when you are a mother!). Luckily I found a way to live with it as peacefully as can be, without losing my energy, and without slowing down my productivity. So this is how my day goes by:


I wake up at 5am every single day, and go for my Taichi class which starts at 6am. Before leaving home I would eat a grapefruit (unless I am doing a liver cleanse), 1 date, and 3 walnuts. I then head to Juffair, where I train with my Chinese master “Shao”-a very inspiring lady, to whom I should dedicate a whole post just to talk about how amazing she is! We do our Taichi or Qi Gong forms, depending on how we feel that day. We take small breaks to have some of her exquisite teas, which is always something I look forward to! We wrap up the session at 7:30am, and then I head back home.


Adam usually wakes up at 8am, so just in time for me to get back home, take a quick shower and get ready for the day. We then have our breakfast together. Fruits are a must! Always 3 different fruits-carbs-  and some protein (eggs, oats, quinoa…), and some good fats (avocados, olives or olive oil, almond butter with coconut oil that I make myself, nuts…etc.). I usually avoid wheat and gluten, so I make my own bread, the old-fashioned way, like my mom and grandmother did (I use my hands, no machines). I only use whole grain flour (quinoa, rye, millet…etc.).


After breakfast, it is “work-time”, Adam and I head to our work area, and we start our lesson for the day. I usually prepare the lessons on weekends and every night I just lay the material to be used the next day on the table, so we don’t waste time. I will talk more about our homeschooling in another post. We are done by 11:30am and just have a chance to get Adam a snack before he takes his nap.


This is usually my lunch time, never later than 1pm, because I never want my body to stress about food, which in turn will stress my thyroid, so I always make sure that I eat every two hours or so. I am vegetarian, so my lunch always consists of an ancient grain like Quinoa, couscous, or Burghul, with some carbs (vegetables mostly), and always always some sort of good fats component. I then get the chance to finish any work I have (Blogging, writing, reading… etc.)



When Adam wakes up, it’s his lunch time, and then we head out, always to do something fun, with friends or just the two of us. I try to plan outings and meet-ups with other moms of toddlers so the kids can socialize and explore new things together, while we-moms- are enjoying ourselves too!


I always take some healthy snacks for Adam and I, wherever we go. Some fruits, vegetables, or nuts. This way we are both happy and satiated.


Dinner is at 6:30pm for Adam, while I will usually have the carbs of my dinner first (vegetables), and will get to part two of it after putting Adam to sleep. This way I will avoid that 6pm crash that happens because of the decrease in the amount of cortisol in your body, and still enjoy a peaceful dinner an hour later. Dinner is usually lentil soup (it has been the same for years now, don’t ask me why but it is one of life’s pleasures to me!). This is around 8pm and this is my last meal of the day.


Throughout the day I watch out for my blood glucose, I do not go anywhere near anything with a high glycemic index, because I do not want my insulin to be all over the place, which will actually disturb the making of the T3 and T4 hormones. I also stopped consuming caffeine, gluten, processed goods, and sugar years ago (except for the caffeine, I just stopped last year). I use fluoride-free toothpaste, I completely avoid soy and soy products -enemy number one to the Thyroid gland- I use cast iron cookware, I use lots of cinnamon and ginger in my diet, and I try to get an adequate amount of vitamin B, D, C and E in my diet.


I am in bed by 10pm, where I will usually read until I fall asleep.  Sleep is very important to me, so I always make sure I sleep 7 hours every night. I wake up every morning fresh and ready for the new adventures the new day is bringing and we do it all over again!


I sometimes feel that I am always on the go, and never get a chance to even feel tired. My forever goal is to get the optimum energy my body (and brain) can offer, and having a hypo-thyroid can temper with that same goal, so having a healthy diet is crucial to me. Exercising is the second thing I can never live without, because it is what keeps me sane and whole. It is also a way to distress and get into that relaxation zone that benefits the body enormously. Then comes sleep, which is vital!


I really hope the world takes Hypothyroidism more seriously as about one billion people (mostly women) are diagnosed with a hypo-thyroid. This is a disease that will take over your life and shows you just how frail and vulnerable you are in so many ways!



5 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Hypo-Thyroid Win!!!

  1. Fifi says:

    This blog affirms so many things I already know and admire about you. Thank you for sharing honey. I had hypo-thyroid as well and luckily it resolved itself with pregnancy so I no longer need to take any meds, but I certainly can sympathize with what ur friend is going through. Wishing her all the best.

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