Hey Kid, Wanna Get Bored..? 


Growing up I always hated Sundays, because there weren’t much for me to do! We only had a one-day  weekend (Saturday was a school day too). I would wander aimlessly around the house, complaining about how bored I was. My mom would try to come up with cool things for me to do, but you know how it is at that age, nothing our parents can suggest would ever seem cool enough for us, so of course I would brush away whatever suggestion she had for me, and start brainstorming till my ” Eureka” moment comes and saves the day. Now when I look back at these -then- boring Sundays, I see nothing that suggests boredom at all, everything about my childhood Sundays scream creativity and originality! In those Sundays, I learnt how to knit, how to cook (at a relatively young age), how to sew, how to enjoy and admire the skies and clouds, how to keep a journal…. And the list is very long! 

I talk about this now, because recently I have been thinking about how busy our lives are getting. How every single day we have to have something planned for the day to keep ourselves busy! I run a mommy group, and I plan playdates weekly, I also try to plan meet-ups with friends who have kids Adam’s age, so we can all have fun together. We go for walks and to the beach to collect rocks and work with them later. We work on our Montessori activites an hour a day everyday. We read books and stories. So basically we are never bored! Which is exciting and so much fun, however it kind of scares me a little. You see when I was a kid, and I was bored, I had NOTHING to keep me busy, nothing at all! So I had to come up with ideas myself! Yet now, even if we are doing nothing, we have boxes of toys and tons of things around us that we can use and get out of our misery. 

Adam is probably still too young for boredom, these are my thoughts for the future mainly. I am in a crossroads of weather we should let the boredom creep into our life later on, or not! I definitely want Adam to get a chance to explore his creative side through boredom. To be able to engage with himself and the world, to creat, invent and imagine! I want boredom to help him find his passions and respond to the stirrings of his own heart. I was always against filling kids’ time with structured activities and always felt so sorry for the kids whose parents made sure they took piano classes, language classes, math classes and all the other classes they could lay hands on! Because obviously the child has no time to engage with the raw stuff that life is made of.

I guess there is always that safe space in between, where the kids have time to explore their inner and outer selves, while still engage in all these structured activities. The challenge here is to find this space without struggling so much. Our choices as parents are all we can give our kids, they need to be smart and serve the purpose! They all come from the same place, which is pure love, certainly, yet sometimes we tend to take them based on what works for us as parents and not what would work for our kids. Oh yeah parenting is crazy…! 

I would love to hear from all the mamas out there, what do you think? Please share your experience! Thank you! 



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