2015….. You Have Been Good To Me…!!!!

When I try to think of 2015, nothing big really comes to my mind. It was a peaceful quiet year. The best part about it was that it was all about myself and my loved ones! It is so hard to convey the feeling I get when I look around a room full of my family, friends, and loved ones,  all smiling and happy and healthy, all together in one place. I feel blessed and so lucky! I know one of life’s greatest mysteries is that nothing stays the same, but I don’t want to think of that! Now is all what matters! 

2015 surrounded me with wonderful people, that I am so lucky and thankful they are in my life! People who with every passing day add some glitters to my life to make it more joyful. People who lift me up, encourage and support me, and are genuinely happy to see me happy!  People I love, care for and accept just the way they are. 


In 2015 I learnt to drop the resistance and fly free in the endless skies! We sometimes fall in the trap of worrying too much about things. We worry about tomorrow, about our plans, and about if our wishes will come true! And in the midst of it all we tend to forget that the universe will work it out!  

The universe only brings what works for you, but if you resist it, and refuse to allow whatever was coming to just be, you lose in so many ways! I learnt to leave my door open, and welcome everything coming my way, with flowers and wide open arms! I learnt to cherish the present, because this is all I have control over. And this is what will make my yesterdays. So when I look back I am certain that I lived every minute of my then “NOW”! 

2015 also taught me to be easy on myself, to treat myself like a little fragile and precious baby. Because I am worth it! Because I need myself to be nurtured and well taken care of so I can do it for others! I learnt to make the habit of waking up about 2 hours before my son, so I can enjoy a good walk, filling my lungs with the cool fresh air, the air that is going to fuel my whole day! I cherish this time I have for myself and it is the highlight of my days!

I made time for me to enjoy the things I love, like cooking, baking, listening to podcasts, reading, writing and studying! Because these activities motivate me and make me happy! And when I am happy I tend to work, and live better! And so does everyone else around me! Because happiness is contagious….

2015 taught me to be mindful! On one of the TedTalks I listen to this year, I heard something that really changed my life! It was something like: ” How many times you found yourself thinking about a million thing while cooking, doing the laundry, working….etc? That’s the reason of our unhappiness!! If you keep your thoughts limited to what you are doing at that specific moment and that only, you will be aware of yourself, of your being, and you will be happy!” 

This hit me like an ice cold bucket of water! I DO THAT! My brain never shuts down! I am constantly thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking…. And it never ends! So I stopped! I pressed the stop button! I enjoy what I do now, even if it wasn’t fun, but I still feel it, touch it, live it! And not allow reckless thoughts to destroy it-whatever that can be. This had brought peace to my soul! It was like doing everything I was doing my whole life, BUT for the first time! And everything around me suddenly tasted better! 

In 2015 I also learnt to simplify my life! My priorities were made and nothing else mattered! I figured out what was important to me and worked according to that. I eliminated all the unwanted bagage that was blocking me. This goes for people too! I surrounded myself with only positive people, who add meaning to my life! No gossip, no jealousy, no hating, nothing of that, just pure, clean, beautiful feelings that brighten my days!

I learnt that the more I do, the more energetic and motivated I become! Giving back to the community as a way to say THANK YOU! Making my loved ones happy by treating them a little more special everytime! Reading more and learning a new skill every day! 

2015 was the year this wonderful space was created! And I am forever grateful! This blog has beautified my life in so many levels! It is my little corner, where I let go of tension, stress, rules and guidelines! My thoughts flow like a river and are transported to these pages to document my life! It makes me happy to write, it makes me happy to think and it makes me happy to share both my writing and my thoughts! 

May be 2015 hasn’t been marked by a big huge event, but these little things I have learnt changed so many things! They pushed me to be a better me! They made me happy! 

…… So Thank you 2015……!! You have been good to me….! 


2 thoughts on “2015….. You Have Been Good To Me…!!!!

  1. Stef says:

    Speaking about new things just learned: One of my friend suggested me a very nice approach to new year’s resolutions. Instead of setting up specific goals, she sets up a word which will guide her actions, thoughts, and choices throughout the year. It is not a bad idea at all, and I am going to follow this advice. I hope this new year will bring even more joy, happiness, and wonderful learning experiences to you, hun. Wishing you and the whole family a fantastic year ahead! Happy 2016!!!! :*****

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw that in one of the blogs I follow and I loved the idea! I don’t like making resolutions, because 1 year seems too long to make any resolution a reality it just gives you an excuse to be lazy and wait for tomorrow to start. I have chosen a word for 2016, and it is “Love”, I want to focus on loving! Loving my family, my friends, my neighbours, and anyone I know! Loving the people who hurt me once, loving my life, my home, my blog… Loving everything! And even when times are hard I still want to focus on “Love”, say “No” with love, set boundaries with love!
      I hope 2016 will bring joy and happiness to everyone! And I hope 2016 will give us an opportunity to meet again! I wish you beautiful days and wonderful times ahead in 2016!! You and your loved ones ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ Much love from all of us!


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