Dear Christmass: I Love You….  Ps: I Am A Muslim…

Now my fellow Muslims, don’t you jump on my throat just yet, and sentence me to death! I will first need you to take a deep breath, remove those dark glasses of extremism and fanaticism, take a big sip of this tolerance drink I am offering you, and just listen to what I have to say!

Whether Christmas is the actual birthday of the Christ or not, whether it is a pagan holiday occurring in winter or not, I am going to spare you the agony of stating boring historical facts that can be easily found by only typing : “What is Christmas” in google. 

All I can say is that: I don’t care what it is! What I care about is the beauty and the joy of this festive season! It makes me happy when I pass by my neighbours’ house and see their Christmas tree all lit, standing in glory by their door step! It makes me happy when I go to Starbucks and get a new cup filled with new flavours strictly bound to this season and this season only! It makes me happy when I see my friends’ kids busy crafting holiday cards for their loved ones! Actually it makes me a tad jealous and a bit sad….! Because it seems like we -Muslims- don’t know how to celebrate as beautifully as the Christians do! And when I say “Celebrate” I definitely don’t mean cooking and baking 1000 dishes on Eid day or handing small money to the little kids- I am sure they love it but that’s not my point. But rather spread love and joy throughout the whole month! The waiting and the excitement over that beautiful tree, symbolising life and Christ- the core of their holiday. Creating family traditions that include every single member of the family! Giving small gifts as a gesture of love and appreciation to the loved ones! And a lot more! They take their celebration to a whole new level, that unfortunately surpasses us! 

Christmas is full to the brim with love, laughter, presents, beauty and joy spontaneously spread all over the month of December ! And I love it !

What I love even more, are the memories and family traditions created over that magical month in each household! Children baking cookies for Santa, while wearing cute Christmas pyjamas, and watching Christmas movies! Those same kids will grow up with a box full of wonderful memories, that they will pass it on to their own kids and so on! 

So herby I confess that I will be copying every tradition of Christmas and adequately adjusting it to our Muslim holidays. I want the beauty, the joy, the magic to wrap our Ramadans, Eids, Prophet’s birth and New Year! I will make sure my son gets beautiful memories linked to each holiday we have! I am a proud Muslim and want my son to be proud of his Arabic Muslim heritage and not look at other people’s festivities, and wonder why don’t we have that! I want him to know that while we love and embrace other people’s culture and traditions, we have our own that we will try to embellish and sprinkle magic all over it as beautifully as christians do!! 

So yes …. Dear Christmas I Love You… !!


3 thoughts on “Dear Christmass: I Love You….  Ps: I Am A Muslim…

  1. Ouiam, what a lovely post! I’m not a religious person, but I grew up celebrating Christmas each year, as it’s my mother’s favorite holiday. You’re right, it is magical. The decorations, the food, the music, the happiness in the air and the extra time with friends and family are all the things I love about this holiday. Maybe if everyone embraced traditions from all different religions and faiths the world would be a more compassionate place. After all, there is more than enough space for many cultures and traditions to be embraced and celebrated in this world 🙂 Thank you for spreading love and holiday cheer!

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