Fate, Friends, and Popcorn! 


Those we meet at the sidewalk, we surprise ourselves walking towards them, and as unusual as it might seem then, we actually do strike a conversation. Or those we knew for years and years yet the only thing we knew about them was their names! Or those we were not supposed to meet but a flight was missed and we sat next to each other at the airport. Is it fate that brings us together? Things happen and while they do, we find ourselves perplex, and frustrated because this is not how we planned “IT”, yet once we reach that point in what was then only a foggy, hazy and uncertain future, pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place. We realise why things happened the way they did. We were meant to meet that day on the sidewalk, and I was meant to come close to you and ask you questions that you happily answered! We were meant to know each other for years yet never really hit it of because we had nothing in common then, while now we re practically twins. You were meant to miss that flight so you could be my friend! 

People we meet, yet we have no clue how much wisdom, love, and maturity, they will bring into our lives. We think to ourselves: “Oh what a lovely coincidence!” But is it really? 

You always have a choice of who you invite to your life. My mom used to say: “You are what your friends are”. I never agreed with that. Well at least until recently. 

I have always been surrounded by awesome females. And I really cherish the fact that as I have gotten older, I have been able to meet even more awesome women, that have brought some wonderful things in my life! I definitely learned to embrace the uniqueness of each and every female friend I have. It’s like each woman I am friends with, plays a distinct role in my life in her own way. This somehow polishes the rustic old parts of me, and brings them back to life in a harmoniously crazy way!  

Sometime in life, when you no longer listen to that awfully loud voice in your head, that says: “You know it all”, and when you reach that point when you think that life is much more than what you have thought of it; You then start surrounding yourself with only people who bring new meanings to your life. When you can peel those old grey layers of insecurity, selfishness, and self-centredness; and see clearly who you are! When you can do that in front of those people, because you know you can. That’s when fate is no longer a mastermind, and nothing but a tool. Those people were supposed to be there and then. They were supposed to be there FOR YOU! 

You need someone to hold your hand and tell you: ” You can do it!”. You need someone who will encourage you to face your demons! Someone who can look you in the eyes and say: ” It will be Okay!”. Someone you once met at the grocery store and never knew that one day they will become your “BFF”. Someone with whom now you can have life lessons over some frozen yogurt and popcorn! 

My heart and my arms are always wide open, welcoming whoever fate will seem to be bringing in my life. I will smile and wink at it, because now I know the secrete! They come because we need them to do, because they have a purpose in our life. A purpose that even we don’t know about yet! 


2 thoughts on “Fate, Friends, and Popcorn! 

  1. Stef says:

    Once I read a quote saying that people may come to your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. So true! People may come and go, but true friends will always be there when we need them. Celebrating friendship, and missing you so much, my beautiful friend ❤ :*


    • They always do!! Those are true friends! And you are one of them!!! You came to my life and brought so much wisdom and positivity!! yes you left to another country, but you will always be a very dear friend and and we will meet very soon!!!miss you so much too! (Sorry for the late reply, we were on a vacation and just got back yesterday 😉 )


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