Thank God It’s Friday: How To Throw A Moroccan Theme Baby Shower! 


Today’s post is a little different than the usual “Thank God It’s Friday”. It is still related to food, however, the focus will be more on the set up, than the food itself! 


Last week I threw a baby shower for my dear friend Maria. Since I am a proud Moroccan, and I am perfectly aware of the richness of my country’s culture and cuisine, as well as the curious blend of sights, sounds and smells! I decided to go with what I know best, a Moroccan theme! I will be sharing with you few tips that really helped making my baby shower a success! 

Contrary to what you might see on similar articles about “How to throw a party”, I will skip the part where they tell you to first come up with a guest list, or even better : “plan your menu ahead”, which is just rediculous! I mean …… For the love of god who doesn’t know these things? Yeah so I will skip this step and go directly to what I think is more important! 
First of all, choosing a theme for your party is the most important step of all! Wether it is Moroccan or Victorian, once you decide on that, you will then only have to execute! 

The buffet is going to be the masterpiece of the party! So you will have to focus on the decor. Here are few tips: 

– Consider your table a piece of art, visualise how you want it to look before you even start! 

– Play with the levels of height. Save all the shoe boxes you have, and all the small tables, because you will place them on your table before you place the tablecloth. 
– Colours!!! Bring all the colourful fabrics, tablecloths, cushions, ribbons and even curtains! Place some of them randomly on your table. Ideally you need one over each small table or shoe box! 

– Collect your treasures! Since it is a Moroccan theme, go for candles, colourful glasses, silver trays, and of course if you have one of these lovely “Tajines”, then you hit the jackpot (see picture below) 
– Moroccan tea!! There no Moroccan anything without Moroccan tea! Boil some tea with mint and water, then poor the tea in the Moroccan teapot (if you don’t have it, then use any silver pot)


– Use your assets! Have a walk around your home and see what can look pretty on your table. You have a pearl necklace? Put it in a transparent glass and boom!!!! You’ve got a beautiful item on your table. You have a lantern? Use it! A Persian rug? Place it under the table. Some colourful bangles? Use them for your napkins!! Let your imagination go wild and you will not regret it! 

– Flowers! Flowers are a must! Wether you put them in a vase or you use rose petals, they will completely transform your table! 

– Add a personal touch: I thought I should have a special lady to put some beautiful Henna designs on our hands! And I did just that! It was a hit and my guests loved it! 
– Music! There is no party without music! 

– Give aways: this is a sweet gesture to thank your guests for coming! 

This is a simple yet fantastic and inexpensive way to take your guests in a trip to Morocco! It is so much fun and definitely a party that will not be forgotten!!


2 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Friday: How To Throw A Moroccan Theme Baby Shower! 

    • I wish you were here too! The lady brought the black, white and the normal Henna, we each tried something. The white one is a new trend and it looked sooo pretty, but it only stays a day or two.


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