Happy Reading: August 

With summer, comes a renewed excitement for reading… At least for me! Even though I have been super busy lately, I always manage to find some free time for a good book! In my world, reading is like yoga, it is an inner shift from the endless to-do lists, the running around, the business of each day and just everything else. I try to read at least few pages before I can’t even keep my eyes open anymore and just collapse in bed with my kindle still on. Anyways here are the books I read last month and what I thought of each one! Enjoy!! 

1- The Five Love Languages Of Children by Gary D.Chapman and Ross Campbell. I love reading parenting books, it is always interesting to learn new things about a topic I love so much. This book is about showing your kids love in ways they would see and understand, even when it comes to discipline. It talks deeply about each child and their different needs of love. 

2- All Joy And No Fun by Jennifer Senior. I heard of this book from a TED talk. After I heard the author talking about how most parenting books talk about kids -obviously- but none of them actually talk about us, parents, and what we go through while bringing up these little munchkins. I thought I should definitely read it, because it felt new and enticing. Unfortunately, I have to say, she criticises everything, me and parents like me do! Her point is that basically we are doing too much and going way out of our way to raise our kids! Each page had me raise my eyebrows and scream: REALLY?!!?!! I love going way out of my way to raise my son! I love being tired at the end of each day knowing that I did my best to be a good mother! I enjoy spending my whole day focusing on my son! I love doing it and it makes me happy! I am not miserable as you state Miss Senior! Actually my son brings only happiness and joy to my life! However, the book is full of interesting facts and studies, and I would read it again for that! 

3- The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Now THIS is a great book! I loved it! I admired Jeannette’s courage to write about such delicate things in her life! Throughout the book I felt excited, sad, enraged, happy and relieved. Jeannette tells us about her childhood with, let’s just say, abnormal parents! I liked the fact that in her early years it was fun doing new things and it made me think of all the things I can do to make my son’s childhood special, but as she grew older things got weirder! I really recommend this book! It was awesome! 

Let me know if you read any of these books, and what is currently in your reading list? 

Happy reading! 


2 thoughts on “Happy Reading: August 

  1. Liqaa says:

    Book suggestion: Impossible Cure for Amy L.Lansky Phd.
    eye opener for my and a great help to find alternative ways to treat our diseases.


    • Sounds very interesting! Will add it to my list. I am currently reading “All the light we cannot see” that you recommended the other day and I am loving it😍 Thank you. Xx


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