Here and Now…!

Hello there!! So what have you been up to lately? I know I haven’t wrote in here for what seems like an eternity, but it has been a go-go-go with barely enough time to come up for air! There were also few minor mishaps, like the fact that Adam threw my phone in the water, and it remained there for two hours, since I was too busy to look for it. Add to that the fact that my laptop suddenly decided that it was time for it to shut down forever. So yeah all good lol! 

This past whirlwind though was made up of a lot more. Going to Oman for ten days to spend Eid with the family -Did I mention that it was just me and Adam? Yup!! Baba had to work 😦 – Adam being 18months, active as ever and so ready to learn new things! This also means being everywhere he is not supposed to be, and wanting to spend our whole day out and about. There was also wanting to spend more time with the family which meant not sleeping before midnight and sometimes 2am. And everything in between! 

Even though I was busy, I was -good- busy, you know what I mean? I don’t like wearing busy as a badge, however I liked THIS busy, I really did. And now that I am home and back to my routine, I always have to remind my self to “take a chill pill” lol 

But of course there are these moments, these little freeze frames where time stops and goes slowly, or at least if feels like it anyways; like the day I was putting Adam to sleep, he was in his bed, it was dark, apart from a faint light coming from my phone. Adam saw our shadows in the ceiling and decided he wanted to play some more, he started moving his hands and feet and laughing hysterically! I looked at the watch and it was way past his bedtime, but guess what? Who cares? I joined the party and we started dancing and moving all around the room, while looking at our shadows! And I thought to my self: ” I would have never payed attention to these shadows, if it wasn’t for Adam” it made me happy that we didn’t miss it! It made me happy that my little Adam is actually teaching me how to have fun! My little baby boy is growing up and we are actually having fun together! It is so magical to watch these moments! These moments are the slow, special ones, and I know to take them in, file them away, keep them for later. 

Or when someone hands him something, and he politely replies: “K Youuuuu” it is always a special moment for me, I feel like a PROUD MAMA, it feels like a reward for all the hard work I put out there for the sake of my family! 

I realise that we are at a very special season in our life (every season had been so special so far), Adam being 18months still a baby sometimes, yet all grown up most of the time. When he comes running to me just to give me a kiss and continues his marathon, or when he calls out for me with his soft sweet little voice that melts my heart: Mama Mama Mama!! Him being so independent like a little man! Always ready for the next adventure! 

So yeah it is and it has been a whirlwind sure, just like anyone’s life. We all get busy, we all have our things. But we all have our moments too. We stand in the middle of life going around and around and around and we pause! We take a breath, we close our eyes, we refuse to let anything disturb our magical moments! -not even writing about them- we soak them all in, hopping to remember them as vivid as they seem now! I also realise that life won’t be slowing down anytime soon, nor do I want it to, but I do want to pause every once in a while, grab the little bits and pieces as life goes on just as crazy and quickly as it does! 


4 thoughts on “Here and Now…!

  1. The Jellyfish says:

    Good busy is always fun 🙂 Even the tired muscles and exhaustion at the end of a long day feel good when it’s been a good busy day :p
    My husband’s family is here for the summer so I’ve been crazy busy as well and though this Ramadan was the hardest to date, the Eid with all the family around made it worthwhile in the end 🙂

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