When My Husband Says….


When my husband says: “Take the rest of the day off, I’ll babysit”, I hear little bells ringing in my ears, i see little stars glowing and sparkling in front of my eyes, i see a little unicorn on my shoulder winking at me! And of course with the most excited tone i say – if not scream- : Yeeees!! While doing my happy dance! If you think that’s too much and i am probably exaggerating, then you certainly aren’t a full time mama lol! 

Usually i hear this magical phrase once or twice a week, and it only means one thing! I am finally getting some “Me Time”

No matter how much I enjoy my time with my little man, doing mummy stuff all day long, I still crave for some “Me” time, it is just essential for my sanity. In order to take care of my son, husband and home, I first need to take care of the woman I am! This “ME” time can be anything, from a nap to a trip to the salon for a mani-pedi, or the hair salon, a massage or coffee with a friend or hitting the gym or just some quiet time in my room reading and writing! I try to plan these few hours very carefully, so I get to do most of the things above at once. 

While I enjoy my time off, Adam and his dad, have some fun of their own. It is incredibly amazing to see these two, doing their own thing! My husband brings another side of my little baby that I usually can’t even see. Most of my time with Adam is spent in doing educational stuff, fun yes, but mostly educational, while when he is with his dad, they do silly stuff together, things that I can never even imagine lol. My husband is such a great father and I am extremely grateful for that! It came to him instantly after I gave birth that i was almost jealous! He was always good with kids but I never saw him with babies; so when we first had Adam, I was pleasantly surprised to see how amazing he was! I don’t know what is more fascinating: Seeing Adam with his dad, or seeing my husband with his son?! It just warms my heart, and fills me with this deep sense of gratitude and happiness! 

So today was one of those magical days, when i get to have some time for myself! I first headed to the gym for a class called “Abdominal Blast” at Equilibrium Amwaj (recently opened and i am loving it so far), then to the hair salon: Toni & Guy Bahrain, my favourite in the island! I only book appointments with “Liesel”, she is fantastic and super talented! And I had to finish this glamorous afternoon, with a stop at Starbucks, where I could finish my book peacefully! (A wonderful book that I can’t wait to share all about it in my “Happy Reading” post next month). Then it was time to go back to my mommy duties all fresh, full of energy and ready for new adventures with my little man and his dad!  

How about you? How do you balance between your needs and your children’s? What do you usually do in your “ME” time? Feel free to share your story! 


6 thoughts on “When My Husband Says….

  1. Its amazing when u have a mn to ur self 😍 .. talking about that, i really need a massage hopefully tomorrow he will take them with him somewhere, he usually prefers to go out with his boys and its fine with me!! I m sure then in my return, the house will not be a mess hhhh


    • Lol i actually need a massage too hhh!! The time kids ( especially boys) spend with their dads is just very precious!! Bless them! And yeah the house will not be a mess hhhhhh. Hope to see you soon bella! Xx

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  2. I wish !! I swear i just asked him when can we go to BH..and well hoping to hear an answer soon hhhh(& not getting old waiting)!
    Meanwhile i m enjoying reading ur posts more & more 😙 u r a pro! Wish u all the best
    maybe the next one will be about ramadan 😊😙

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