Happy Reading!! Hello May! 


The beauty of every book is that it allows us to live more than one life! With every book, you fly to another world and get lost for hours. You might encounter a variation of feelings for the first time through one! For a moment, you forget who you are, what you do. You forget your worries and anxiety! And you live the story! Someone else’s story, as if it was yours! How magnificent is this!! 

Today i will share my list of recommended books, for the month of May. I have read these books last month, and i have loved every single one of them!! I hope you like and enjoy them too! 
1- Better Than Before (Mastering the habits of our everyday lives) by Gretchen Rubin. I am a creature of routine and habits make a huge part of my life, so i always try to look for ways to implement good ones and get ride of the unwanted ones, yet the books i have read so far, were not of a great help! This book though, is completely different, it talks -in great detail- about everything you would like to know about habits! It also shows you how to implement good habits or avoid bad ones according to your personality! Different charachters deal with habbits differently! I read this book few weeks ago and it already helped me a great deal! 
2- Lots of Candles Plenty of Cakes by Ana Quindlen. This book is one of the very few ones, that kept me glued to my kindle for hours! I was mesmerised by her writing style! This incredible lady writes about looking back, in life, and looking ahead! And celebrating it all! In such a beautiful way, that you want to sing the words and write them in little post-it notes, and spread them all over your house! 
3- Hard Choices: A Memoir By Hilary Rodham Clinton. I had this book for few months now, but something was putting me off about reading it, (probably its size! It is a big book), Then one day i just grabbed it and started reading! And loved it! Hilary takes us in a ride of four years in the White House, nothing like Scandal though lol! This book changed few opinions i happen to have before! A really good read! 
4- How to Meditate By Pema Chodron. A great guide if you want to make peace with your mind. The book talks about everything related to meditating: how, why, where! In a very simple and easy way that makes you wanna do it! 
Hope you enjoy these books the way i did! And i look forward to choosing new books for next month! Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Happy Reading!! Hello May! 

    • Mainly from Goodreads.com, plus i always check online for bestsellers, i also get reviews from friends and family, so i always choose my books at the end of each month to read during the next one! 😉


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