Eight ways to keep your toddler busy!

Hello Mamas!

How hard it is to keep a little peanut busy, so you can finish that meal you are cooking. Or finally attack that pile of laundry that has been waiting for you all week. Or simply to enjoy that cup of coffee you have been craving for, since six o’clock this morning!! Well! take it from me, it is incredibly hard. Some days that meal will never leave that pot and other days that pile of laundry will just double in size, and sometimes you will never have the chance to even dream of that coffee. Yet it is not completely impossible. Toddlers at this age are eager to learn and explore new things; every little thing will amaze them and blow their little minds! So I believe it is exceptionally important to nurture and encourage this need they have to explore, and always keep their little minds busy as well as their little hands, in fun yet educational activities. I know that sometimes you just run out of ideas, and believe me, at some point, you sure will! These little human beings will drain your brain and never get satisfied! However and because I have been there, and still am, today I will share with you all, eight fun ways to keep your little one busy:

1- Edible Play dough:

If everything ends up in your little dude’s mouth like my case, then this is ideal for you!

1cup flour

1cup water

¼ cup salt

2 tablespoon cream of tartar

1 package of sugar-free jello

Mix all the ingredients together and cook over low heat on the stove. Stir frequently. You can use a whisk to get rid of the lumps and then cook for 5 to 7 minutes, stirring with a spatula. Once the dough starts to gather into a ball and doesn’t stick to your fingers, then you can take it off the stove.

2- Edible paint


My little man would spend about 30 minutes busy painting and mixing all colors, with some occasional trips of that paint to his mouth, but it is perfectly safe because yeah it is EDIBLE!

1 Cup of flour

3 cups of hot water

Food colorants

In a pot, mix the flour with 1 cup of water, then gradually add the 2 other cups, keep on stirring until it thickens. Let it cool then separate the liquid into different bowls and add the food coloring (see picture above)

3- Whipped cream and food coloring


This is my son’s favorite game, I simply put some whipped cream in a cupcake pan, add some food coloring and let the fun begin!

4- Ice painting


Put some edible paint with some water into an ice tray, put it in the freezer, then give your little one some colored ice cubes and let him experiment!

5- Cotton painting


Simply dip the cotton in the paint and let them color! How easy is that!

6- The tube of fun


Ideally you would need some empty paper towel tube, but some plain paper would also do (check the picture), tape it into the wall, and let your toddler drop the little balls through it into a basket.

7- The tins with shapes 




Take some milk tins (or any other tins), cut a hole in the lid in different shapes, then cut some paper into the same shapes of the holes (see picture), and let your toddler put each shape in the appropriate tin!

8- The water bag



Take a sandwich bag (zip lock bag), put some water and some edible paint in it, close the bag, and tape it into the wall. Let your child play with it.

I hope you and your little one enjoy these ideas! Thanks for passing by!


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