Sometimes memories of mine are so vivid and so real that I can just close my eyes and go right there, be there, feel the same way I did then. Memories are a funny thing aren’t they? They change over time, shift and collapse! We hold on to the ones we want and the rest just dissipates into a hazy fog! And a simple song, smell or even a specific texture can evoke these forgotten memories! Mine are with me all the time, they are my happy place, and my stress defense mechanism. Whenever I am down, upset, or uncomfortable, I run to my childhood memories and seek refuge in them! I run to the days when my dad used to take me to the bakery next to his work and we would buy my favorite cakes, and eat them in the car; while talking about his work and my school, who said what, and who did what in my class, and it always felt like a guilty pleasure that I shared with him. I would also run to the summery quiet afternoons, all bundled up in my mom’s arms, probably too big for that already, while she is telling me a story after another, and I never seemed to be satisfied, always wanting to hear more about the turtle who sewed the napkin and married the prince or the spoiled princess who married the homeless man and learned how to appreciate life. (I think she used to make up these stories lol). The moral of these stories never passed unnoticed, I would never say it out loud but it taught me some valuable life lessons!  I would also run to the mornings where my sister would fill the bathtub with water, put my swimming costume on, and pretend to put salt in the water because I have insisted on that so it feels like seawater! (Now how hilarious is that)! There are also the afternoons spent with my brother, eating dates while he gave me massages! It was so exciting because I felt like a grown up, I would close my eyes and tell him whether the pressure was good or not and he would say, “yes Ma’am”, and once done I would tip him with imaginary coins and say goodbye! Or when he would insist on turning me into a monkey because he was a magician and I would run terrified to the mirror to check if he succeeded in his mission! My favorite memories though, would have to be the ones with my grandma! (May her soul rest in peace). She would take some old clothes and transform them into these beautiful princess dresses that I would wear proudly, sit on the table with her and enjoy our tea parties! We would talk and sing and she would tell me stories about the past, most of them would make my jaw fall, because everything in her stories was so magical and new!

I also remember weekends spent at my aunt’s house! It was a mixture of cooking, makeup and acting classes. (I should specify that I was only  seven by then lol) my aunt would bring a chair to the kitchen, sit there and give me instructions, “pour the flour, OK enough!! Now go get two eggs from the fridge, don’t you break them…” I would have a little apron on that my grandma made for me, for occasions like these and i would be so happy I could cry! Then when my cousin comes home from work, she would bring her unwanted makeup and accessories, she would lay them on the floor and I would sit there dazzled not knowing from where to start! and when everybody gets busy i would sneak out and secretly head to the big mirror in the hallway, grab a comb and pretend to be a TV presenter!

Oh! and those summery evenings spent in the garden with my uncle playing on the “Oud” and all my brothers, sisters and cousins singing and clapping! Or the nights when the electricity would suddenly  go off, my dad would bring candles and my mom would get some sheets and we would pretend that we were camping! Until today whenever the electricity goes off, I get the same chill I used to get when I was a child!

These memories are so dear to my heart! They remind me of a precious time of my life that I owe to every member of my beautiful family who have worked so hard to make my days and nights filled with joy, beauty and laughter. These memories have become the essence of my sanity! And somewhere in the future when Adam will be all grown up, and think back to being little, I hope  he will remember some precious memories too, and they will be his happy place too, I try to make these everydays count , to be present and to make the ordinary extraordinary, the regular somehow special!


5 thoughts on “Memories…!! 

  1. First of all i think adam look just like u at his age😆😍😍 (sweet picture on the left) god bless him 💗
    i enjoyed reading about ur childhood and it made me smile all alone and warmth my heart
    personnally i dont have a joyful memories of my childhood as urs ,my parents were full time working and things wasnt so well and with time a learnt to forget bad things and looking forward, be forgiven ,feeling blessed for life and be thankful for god for the good and the bad, never judge .. and i try never forget that there r less fortunate people somewhere who r fighting for survival at daily bases..
    Now my wish is to be a full time mom and a devocated wife, to create happy memories for my baby boys wich will help to go through the obstacles in life😊💗
    May god bless the soul of ur sweet gran mother 💗

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    • Hind i know not everyone had the kind of childhood i had, but my parents had me after they thought they were done with kids, my mom was 42years old and my dad was 48. So i was really special to them. My other sisters and brother didn’t have any of these things! But it really doesn’t matter, look at the fine beautiful smart woman you are now, your parents sure did a great job here! And you already are such a caring, loving and special Mama! And i m sure your kids will have beautiful memories created by you and their dad! 💕

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  2. Stef says:

    When I was young I used to cook with my grandma. She used to teach me how to make homemade pasta or pizza and we would spend hours in the kitchen together. I can’t believe I used to cook! When she started getting sick we had to quit our cooking routine and I kinda stopped cooking altogether since then. Though I still remember the smell of garlic, fresh tomatoes and basil (the basil plant, Ouiam! 😉 ) and, to me, they will always remind me home, no matter where I live! ❤

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