Bill Gates: Be Warned!

Few weeks ago, a lady i have only met once, told me that posting pictures of me and my family on social media, might cause us some serious harm, because of the evil eye. Oddly enough, this didn’t bother me, i thought the advice was motherly and sweet. However, i thought it was a little weird and funny. I politely thanked the lady and told her that i will think about it. This incident reminded me of a conversation i had with my husband, before i decided to start blogging, where i asked him of his opinion about me putting our lives in public view, in the sight of pretty much the whole world, and he wisely said: “If there was an evil eye, then how come it never affected Bill Gates? Kim Kardashian? Or Donald Trump??!” It was not an ironic question, he was seriously wondering. And i thought that was so true and real! The social media world is filled with news from Kim, Bill and Donald and a million other public figures, shouldn’t they be scared? Shouldn’t they be warned too?? Yet we never hear of anything bad happening to them! (Not that i want anything bad to happen to them lol). Do they have a magical potion that protects them, i doubt it!

It is very strange how we choose to believe in things that are not necessarly false or wrong, but just a little odd. Things that limit us and forbid us from being who we really are! ! On the other hand, if we talk about our aura and our spiritual practices and sides, people will look at us as if we were lunatics. If we believe that wanting something so bad can actually bring us closer to it, or that the universe might reward us by offering it to us in a silver plate, in some people’s opinion, we will simply be living in another world! Yet (to them) being always scared of an evil eye, is perfectly normal! They should always whisper their achievements and success! And tiptoe around who they can and cannot share their good news with.
My husband’s question, made me sure about what i want to believe in and what i want to acknowledge or not. I am not saying that the evil eye doesn’t exist, it might exist and it might even be dangerous and destructive -i mean, there is so much negativity around us all the time right?- I just choose to not let it crawl into my world, and disturb my comfort and well-being.

A friend of mine once told me: “i choose to believe in rainbows and unicorns”,  i remember how hard i laughed, that it might have offended her! I thought it was cute but not so real. However, now when i think about it, i ask myself : why not??. Instead of believing in evil eyes and bad omens, i should believe in rainbows and unicorns! This would not harm me in any way i know of! Yet, it will make my heart shine and glow every day! Being positive and allowing your positive side to emerge and take over your life is not such a crazy thing to do; it isn’t being unrealistic nor dreamy! And regardless of what religion you follow (or not), believing in bright things and positive outcomes will never stop you from having the life you are meant to have, if anything, it will just brighten it up. And if -God forbid- something bad happens to you, it is most certainly not because you have posted a picture on instagram/ Facebook, of you having fun! I believe it is from God, to test you, to see how you can handle difficult situations, just so you can appreciate the grace when it comes to you. I do believe that misfortunes happen, it has nothing to do with the evil eyes though, they only happen to open the door to blessings you would never thought to hope for! Sorrow is very real, and loss feels very final and yes : life is just difficult, strange and marvelous in that way! Yet it is all coming your way not because of an evil eye! It is coming because it is meant to come! You might disagree with me and that is all right! We are all entitled to have our own opinions.

So yes i welcome the good and bad in my life with open arms, because what is life without them both? But i will never relate, whatever good or bad that’s happening to me, to a human being! It is just much greater than anyone’s power!
So to that lady who advised me to stop posting pictures and thoughts of mine, i say : “Thank you for your concern, as i promised you, i gave the matter some thought and i came to the conclusion that No, i will not stop because of the evil eye, i might stop for another reason some other time, but definitely not because of the evil eye”. And to my friend who believes in rainbows and unicorns i say: ” We are two now my friend!!” Xx


3 thoughts on “Bill Gates: Be Warned!

  1. Stef says:

    Agree, totally! On top of that, your blog may significantly help other parents to reflect upon and share common experiences; therefore you are actually contributing to the creation of a safe environment where to find comfort, inspiration and love which will reflect, based on the law of attraction, on more comfort, inspiration and love coming to your way! By all means, always go for rainbows and unicorns my gorgeous friend, we are three believers now! 😀


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