Mornings with Adam 

Little noises coming from the monitor on my bedside table, and before I even open my eyes, I have a smile on my face, I know exactly what he is doing: sitting on his bed, playing with his blanky and his “teddy” the bear. Talking and laughing, entertaining himself while Mama gets ready and comes to make her grand Entrance with her “Good Morning” song. I will still be lingering under the blanket until I know that he means business! The minute I open the door, I am instantly  received by his delightful lovable “Apple Face”, with his biggest smile on, his arms up, ready to be carried. Sweet kisses and the warmest hugs follow. Now we are ready to kick-start the day and make it the best we can!

I love every bit of my mornings, I know they will change soon, sooner than I think, so I try to keep them safe in my heart and my mind, I take plenty of pictures and videos and just hope I can stop the time right here and right now.

Adam knows what is coming next, he comes to our favorite corner in the room, snuggles with me while he has his milk, then playtime is on! Hide and seek, throwing things from the bed, dance parties, getting under the bed, opening drawers and taking all the clothes out. Any random activity that will make mama sweat while cleaning up, seems to be a favorite game of his. Who needs toys anyways!

8:30am signals Breakfast time!!  Here we are, downstairs, and the house suddenly gets so busy and noisy. A fading “Ding ding dang” coming from the play area in our living room, where Adam is tackling the little piano, A “Tak” from the toaster, the fridge opening and closing, plates and spoons on the move, Pharrell Williams on full volume, while we all (well mostly me) sing along with him “ Because I am happy”. With the occasional whining and complaining coming from a little peanut who is so ready for his breakfast! Adam usually has either a toast with Dada’s homemade jam ( because Dada makes the best jam at home and we love devouring it!) ,or  lots of fruits either as a puree with some vanilla or cinnamon or just pieces with some yogurt, or pancakes with some oatmeal cereals. Next to him, Mama has her fruits too! And this is one of my favorite moments of the day, while we are both having our breakfast, listening to some music, and talking about what we will do during the day (I do the talking and Adam responds in his baby language lol). And deep down I know that this is one of the things I will miss terribly as the time flies by!

Once we are done, I take Adam for a shower. By then he starts showing signs of tiredness, so we go back to our favorite corner in the room, we snuggle again while we read our morning story “Pluche mon doudou prefere” a French story that I was reading to him since he was in my womb, and now it is his favorite.  I tuck him in bed, we cuddle for some time until he lands safely in “Lala land “. Happy morning nap!

The house succumbs in a dreadful silence. Glimpses of my mornings before Adam crawl into my mind, reminding me of how different they were, how serene and calm and so unlike this one and the previous ones.  I take few sips of my long awaited for coffee and cherish every minute of this deep and comforting silence, while I make plans for the day, from what is for lunch, to what are we going to do today, to what we will both wear! Then I set my hand on my kindle and get lost in a good book, until my little friend wakes up and we go through our day with every intention to make it the best yet!

I love my mornings with Adam, they are bright and full of joy and happiness, they are my favorite kind of days!


2 thoughts on “Mornings with Adam 

  1. Stef says:

    Home-made jam? Dada got it all! 😀 To honor his cooking skills, I would listen to “Jam” song by M. Jackson while he is making it, respect! And…oh, those pancakes look so yummy. I too tried to make my own at home but wasn’t very successful, I mean, what’s new? You know how good I am at cooking, ehehhe 😛 I love the fruit plate and I believe it replaced the one boiled egg morning routine, right? 😉 Like it! 😀


    • You are such a good friend you still remember my egg lol! Yeah by the time he s napping i m too hungry to wait for an egg to boil so now i have a sandwich of organic almond spread with Dada’s Jam😁! Yes he really makes the best jam ever!! I ll tell him about the song lol! So whenever you get some time off come over and dive in with us 😘😘😘😘


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