Coffee and ripped jeans!!

 I can hardly imagine what i would have become without these two essentials! Although i got addicted to coffee by mistake, and never intended to like it, i strongly think that coffee is what gets me through a crazy busy day with a tiny cheeky and super active little babe! It is vital for my sanity.

Jeans!! I was always the girl in jeans, then transitioned to the woman in jeans and now i am a proud Mama in Jeans!! Always in Jeans. I think i will be in jeans, even as an old crumpled, wrinkled lady! I actually have seen some very stylish ladies, in their wise age, rocking the chic jeans look!

My relationship with jeans began way before I knew anything about fashion, it was mostly comfort that I was looking for, or to be exact, what my mother was looking for, when dressing me up in jeans. Years later, I came to know that you could be extremely stylish and chic when wearing Jeans by pairing them with heals and a colorful short jacket with a cute handbag to complete the look and Voila! beside let’s not underestimate what can a single piece of jewelry do to any outfit; it always adds a whispered hint of fabulousness!

I have about 30 pair of jeans ( although my husband thinks it is just one pair and i keep on wearing it over and over again, because they all look alike lol), I am wearing one as we speak , these are my all-time  favorite! They are the ripped kind of Jeans and I adore them! I know some of you would say they look trashy and inappropriate (my husband is one of you people and if he had a way, he would throw them all lol). Well, people have different tastes, which can only be a good thing; can you imagine everyone wearing the exact same thing? Fashion should not define who we are and how we dress; we need to wear whatever works for us taking note of our age, body shape and preferences. Each one of us is unique in their own way and should create their own style.  My style will always be jeans, jeans and jeans.  I am no fashion Guru, but I like to be satisfied about how I look wherever I go. For a casual lunch or coffee with friends, all I need is a cool blazer with some comfy flats and we’re done, if I am heading to a play date with my little peanut, a pair of sneakers and a jumper will be perfect! And if I am going for dinner with my Mr. Big, then I grab my Louboutan’s ( or my Aldo’s, whatever gets the job done), my chic gold jacket, my  LV clutch ( I do think a woman should have one LV bag  in her closet, one that can last a lifetime)  and I am ready for the night!

Jeans make my life so much easier in so many ways, thanks to them I am able to play, jump and run after my baby boy when he plays, and I am never worried whether he spills his milk or food on me, because ooh well you can grab a towel, clean them and you are good as new! In a way they allow me to be the free mama I want to be.

So here, from a proud, free Mama in jeans: Cheers to coffee and ripped jeans…!!





5 thoughts on “Coffee and ripped jeans!!

  1. Maryam says:

    Same here, just love my pair of jeans, I have one pair which perfectly fit, just finding my self with the same one every time. It is a good thing that I can not wear them to work, so I get to wear my jeans twice a week only, Saturday and Sunday.


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