It is Valentine’s Day!


So, it is Valentine’s Day, the day almost everyone celebrates their love with their special ones. Not that I am saying people should only celebrate it this one specific day. However, to dedicate one special day to treasure love and show it the respect it deserves, does not harm anyone.

To me, this day might be a day just like others, I am not a huge fan of it, yet I do appreciate a fancy dinner/lunch with a fancy gift (just in case my husband is reading this lol).

Yesterday I surprised myself thinking about last year’s Valentine’s Day  and the previous one and the one before it and to my surprise, at each one of them I was in a completely different stage of my life; different houses, different jobs, different everything! This thought made me very thankful and grateful to where I am right now. An amazing, kind and caring husband by my side and a sweet little boy on my lap, who, is celebrating this Valentine’s Day with us (Yaaay to that!!! ).  It also made me wonder, in both excitement and anxiousness, where will we all be next year?

The stage where I am now is a completely different one. It is one where I appreciate the smallest things in my life, and work harder each day to be the best I can, for myself and for my little family. It is a stage where things that seemed so important last year, currently do not even exist in my priority list. It is a stage where my focus has completely shifted from all the shallow and superficial things in life, to only meaningful and long-lasting ones and I am glad it did. This is the stage where I want to be in, my whole life!

Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to appreciate the love we have in our lives, no matter what kind of love it is; we need to cherish it and make it one that lasts forever. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your loved ones that you do care, even if we are all lost and caught up in this crazy busy life. It is a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful feeling!  So Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

4 thoughts on “It is Valentine’s Day!

  1. Liqaa says:

    I enjoyed reading this a lot, the way you express your thought and feeling is remarkable.
    I do have one question for you though, you mentioned that you had priorities and now they are not anymore !
    Can you give us example of something was a priority and how you replaced it with other important thing after becoming a mama?!


    • Liqaa my beautiful friend! Thank you for the kind words. About what you asked, well there is a huge list of things that used to be very important in my life, but not since i had Adam. For example, going out and dinning out with my hubby, we used to love going out and check out all the new places yet since Adam was born this became impossible because i kind of have anxiety separation when it comes to my little boy and can’t leave him with anyone. There is my career too, i no longer want to have a job and spend 8 hours of my son’s life away from him. Shopping is sadly in the list too, now i am more conscious about how and where i spend my money and time, i am always thinking of Adam’s future first. There are other things linked to my being, and how i always want to be a better person, a kinder one, a much less judgmental one, and an example to my son, i want him to become a good man, a kind sweet loving and caring person, who accepts everyone the way they are and never judges them, their believes or their mindsets. yet how can he be all that if his father and I don’t set an example for him. These are just few things from my list, you actually gave me the idea for my next post, stay tuned 🙂 thank you for your continuous support my dear friend. xx


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