A letter to Adam

imageSince I had you in my arms, and felt your heartbeats, touched your little hands and little feet, oh well!! little everything!! I am just in awe about how much love I have for you! I am not sure if all mothers do love their kids the way I do, it is just a whole new level of love!

Every day I tell myself,  it is impossible to love you more, just to find out the next day, that my heart grew a little bigger, to carry much more love for you!

You came to this world, wanted as ever! And with every passing day,  you teach me a new thing about myself! It is so funny that a little peanut like you teaches me!! – me, who has been living in this world for 28 years-  Yet you do!!  You show me every day that with you, I can always be a better me! When you look right into my eyes and smile, I feel like you are telling me “ Yes Mama! You are doing a good job!” I love every single thing we do every single day!!

Already, and at one year old, we all can see your bubbly and fun personality, your happy, happy face all over the place! You are the perfect textbook baby for this textbook Mama!!

Every time I hug you very close to my heart, (because that is where you were and where you are and where you will always be, that is where you belong). I can smell your baby smell that kills me and brings me back to life again, while you sit there enjoying being in my arms, looking happy as ever, smiling to your Mama, laughing every time you get a squishy squish kiss from me, you draw the biggest smile in my heart. that is my “right now”, that is the “right now’ i hope never ends!!

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